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ARROWS Luncheon Bankstown Sports Club
23th October 2014

Picture By: Sandra Erdman.
Click photo to enlarge

Hi All
Here's our group picture taken at the last ARROWS lunch at Bankstown Sports Club on 13th September 2014. Sorry this one took a little longer than usual to get out but there were a few hiccups along the way not counting my holiday last week on the Gold Coast. Our attendance on the day was a smallish 58, along with a lot of apologies.

I recently asked everybody in an email to let me know where they live with the intension of you maybe linking up with other members who live close to you and can’t for one reason or another get to our meetings. Even though we make sure our lunches are situated close to a train station it is becoming increasingly difficult to get some of you there. For instance without the generous help of member Glenn Fisher we would have never seen Babs McKinnon and Bill Crawford at Ryde Eastwood this year. Alan Townsend has volunteered to pick anybody up who lives around the Kogarah/Bexley area. At our last lunch we were desperately searching for someone in the Eastern Suburbs area.

Thanks to Sandra Erdman for the picture attached that was taken from the balcony above and turned out great. Also a big thanks to Geoff Groth our member and contact from Adelaide, who did the numbers and added the names after I supplied him them to him. A good day was had by all.
Appreciation again for Alan Dale who compared the day, Bob Pierse for travelling down from the Blue Mountains, Jacqui DePaul, Rocky Thomas, Rose Bandell, Frank Crisafi, June Keep, Sammy Gaha, Toni Stevens & Joy Savill from the Central Coast, David Kilby from Canberra, Bill Flemming from northern NSW and Jimmy and Gloria Sloggett from Melbourne, also for my Girl Friday on the day Maree Montgomery.
We only had 2 Virgins attend (Barry Mawson and Carol Davies) as there wasn’t enough time between the Gold Coast meeting and Bankstown for me to locate any others but I know there are still more to find.
I persuaded David Kilby to give us a talk about his ABC Radio National show out of Canberra on Sunday nights called ‘Rare Collections’, where he has featured a lot of ARROWS stories. If you’d like to hear any back recordings of the show you can contact David…..
David and Jenny Kilby []
In future meetings if anybody would like to speak on anything interesting and pertaining to ARROWS please let me know
Our next meeting will be on the 12th January at Caringbah Bizzos Club so put that one in your diary.

Cheers John
I just spent a week on the Gold Coast and caught up with a number of old friends. I stayed with Ronny Kitchin and he and I had a good bonding visit as he and I go back a long way, Motor Club (64), Vietnam (67) etc….
Margaret Flanagan and hubby Keith Drew after the sad passing of Margaret’s brother Peter have sold up and decided to move back to Sydney.
Ross Hutcheson after his open heart surgery is doing fine and would love to hear from you all - call him on 0422 664 448
Pictures below by: Noel Clarke
Jim Sloggett - Doug McLaughlin
Frankie Davidson - Mary Schneider - Geoff Mack
Trevor Norris - Vickie Forrest
Allan Dale - Rose Bander - Joy Savill
Doug McLaughlin - Geoff Mack - Tabbi Francis
Geoff Mack - Noel Clarke - Rose Bandell - Tabbi Francis
Mr Mover & Shaker John Charter
Roland Storm - Bob Pierse
Mary Schneider - Reg Townsend
Bernadette Ramsay - Trevor Norris
Vic Simms - Booka Hyland
Alan Dale - Vic Simms
Terry Kaff - Will Anderson
Vickie Forrest - Brian Fogarty
John Charter - Bob Madden
Maree Montgomery

ARROWS Luncheon Woy Woy Leagues Club
28th July 2014

Photo: Sandra Erdman
Click photo to enlarge

The gathering of ARROWS members & guests were advised on arrival that we had a problem, unfortunately the catering staff who were new did not show, it looked as though it would mean a trip to Kentucky or Maccas however the club boss and a couple of staff got to work and cooked up a storm with 3 dishes to choose from....
1) Barramundi & Chips. - 2) Schnitzel & Mash - 3) Bangers & Mash. and hey they did a great job with a number of changes to how we were to be served however our leader John Charter kept us informed with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure which made the wait seem no problem at all, well done John.

Of course the other half of our leaders, Alan Dale also did a smashing job of handling the intros of the virgins of the day who gave us some wonderful insight into their lives and stories of yester-year.

Echidna members I spotted on the day besides John Charter & Alan Dale along with his lovely wife Bernie were Geoff Mack, Doug McLaughlin, Frank McQuade, Norm Faber, Roland Storm & Reg Townsend,

More when I receive the photo and John's report on the day.

I had a great day.

The wonderful Geoff & Tabbi Mack
Geoff Mack & Lucky Starr
Johnny Nicole
Johnny Nicole & Gavin Pitt-Ware
John Cross
Brad Ryder
Geoff Mack & Graham Webb
Geoff & Nina Raye
Tabbi Francis, Sandra Erdman, Geoff Mack, Johnny Nicole & Dave Allenby
Tabbi Francis, Geoff Mack, Nina Raye & Graham Webb
Lucky Starr & Geoff
Tabbi Francis, Eddy Goby, ---, Geoff Mack & Noel Clarke
Leon Isackson

ARROWS Luncheon Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
14th April 2014

Photo: Sandra Erdman
Click photo to enlarge

Hi All……….
Above group picture with all names taken at our last lunch meeting on 14th April at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club by Lynne Williams with numbers and names by Geoff Groth from Adelaide.
Thanks to all are regular members who attended and it was especially good to see our new ARROWS, (Alas virgins no more) Ron Stanton, Sharon O’Brien, Jenene Watson, Lily Conners (Dewettes), Babs McKinnon, Bill Crawford (ABC TV floor manager at Six O’Clock Rock), Marijke Bakker (Chantinos), and (Little) Patti Amphlett. They all spoke on mike and had interesting and wonderful things to tell us. Our attendees were down about 20% from last time at Ryde, probably due to it being the Easter long weekend, school holidays and the Anzac Day long weekend as well as lots of our Tribe with various ailments, gigs and appointments.
More thanks to Lynne for being our photographer on the day and also to Glenn Fisher for her help and pictures and going out of her way to pick up Babs McKinnon and Bill Crawford, bringing them and taking them home as well.
Next ARROWS lunch and meeting will be on Monday 28th July (New Date) at Woy Woy Leagues Club on the Central Coast.

Cheers John Charter

ARROWS Luncheon Bankstown Sports Club
10th February 2014

Photo: Sandra Erdman
Click photo to enlarge

What a fantastic lunch meeting last month with Bobby Rydell. We all had a ball and I know that Bobby did as well. Our roll up was exactly 100 our biggest and best yet. Congratulations everybody.
Big thanks to Alan Townsend for driving his limo to Wollongong to pick up Bobby and his entourage, bringing them to Bankstown and then to drive them back to Wollongong in the afternoon.
Another big thanks to Vicki Forrest for the original contact and invitation to Bobby on behalf of ARROWS.
As I told you all at our previous lunch in January at Rockdale Rsl, for me to get Bobby Rydell to have lunch with us I had to deal with his Australian promoter Ian B Allen. With writing a letter to the Immigration Department and the Union stating our cause and to agree only to a 90 minute visiting time frame, and then wait two months before approval was given.
Anyway with a possible 1000 things to go wrong on the day we managed to pull it off with only infinitesimal problems.
Word is that everybody really enjoyed the day. We had to take a raincheck on our Virgins to speak to make sure that Bobby Rydell would have as much time as he needed. He spoke a good 15 minutes and told us some great stories. He particularly mentioned Billy Burton whom he had a great admiration for when he worked at Chequers Night Club in the 60s. Unfortunately much to Bobby’s disappointment, Billy couldn’t make the lunch. (I did personally invite him) Bobby also spoke about this guy sitting next to him on the plane on the way over for his 2nd Lee Gordon Big Show tour May 1960. He didn’t recognise him but when he was to do his first Big Show this guy he didn’t know turned out to be the Headliner. Billy ‘Crash’ Craddock, a real nobody in the USA but he was the star of the show here over Bobby, Everly Brothers, Marv Johnson, the Champs and the Crickets. (And as it happened Crash Craddock brought the house down)

Our Virgins on the day:
Johnny Highland/High Radio personality and Compare Lee Gordon Big Shows 1960
Noel Clarke Originally From Lismore worked in 1959 with Reg Lindsay, Kevin King, Nev Nichols playing Country and Country Rock…….
Jimmy Sloggett (Johnny Rebb and the Rebels 1958 - 1960)
Margaret Britt Originally from Orange working in pubs when 17 then Various bands and then to the Vamps and Peaches (Substitute)
Dinah Lee Originally from New Zealand.
Doug Jansen
Laurie Bennett
Officially they are still virgins till they speak at our next lunch
I’d been planning to have Helen Reddy at our next lunch but only today I heard from Toni Lamond that Helen won’t be doing any outside appearances as she’s now been on the road for two years straight, and it’s all so very tiring.

Members comments
Comments from ALAN DALE
The Arrows were treated to a great day of friendship and nostalgia with Bobby Rydell as our special guest. Bobby was liberal with his time and made sure individual photographs were on the agenda. The pic of the attendees shows how a huge gathering of Arrows enjoyed the day. It was nice of Bobby to go out of his way to talk to Geoff Mack. Geoff was appreciative of Bobby saying it was indeed an honor to meet him. The venue was an ideal choice as our guest was able to enjoy the Italian cuisine in particular his love for Oysters Kilpatrick. With his wife Linda, drummer David and promoter Ian Allen, the group was transported from Wollongong by courtesy of Alan Townsend. Thanks are also expressed for the time and effort by Vicki Forrest who was the catalyst for arranging Bobby's visit. Bobby Rydell thoroughly enjoyed his welcome and although it was his only day free of performances and travel, he was happy that he was able to meet and greet so many of us that he had known from previous tours.

Hello John,
Thank you so much for organizing today with Bobby Rydell and for phoning me to come. It was a fabulous day which I thoroughly enjoyed and it looks like all present did too. You are a great organiser and much appreciated.
Helene Grover

Dear John,
Thanks for the lovely day yesterday. You always do a wonderful job organising everything. Much appreciated. Hope you're OK.
Love, Mary x (Schneider)

Hi John
Fabulous day on Monday enjoying the company of Bobby Rydell, I met quite a few radio presenters, but I could recall all their names. Met up with Warren Daley who I had not spoken to for 46 years and Bob Bertles who I went to sax school with back in 1954-55 and Bill Flemming, we worked together in the late 50's and early 60's.
Would you mind sending me a list of these radio guys and girls, as you know I started in radio a year ago, and have been promoting ARROWS from time to time (which I will do again this week 2SSR (Just Google and tune in streaming) Wednesday 12-2 PM) although I do Jazz I still reach out to a lot of rock muso's.
I remember Bryan, Bob, Graeme, I think a Steve so a list would be helpful so I can communicate with them.
Cheers Phillip Bross

Morning John
I just wanted to pass onto you that I have been receiving EXCELLLENT comments of the Luncheon Well done and I hope you are going to write some details about the day and also post many photographs
I have received most favourable comments from people who have attended his shows up to last might in the Newcastle area
Hope to hear from you when not too busy
Kind regards Bob Hayden

We started our gatherings in 2007, a 50 year anniversary with five originals from Alan Dale & the Houserockers We named it ARROWS (Australian Rock and Roll Original Wankers) which in the beginning featured only Australian Rock n’ Roll bands and singers.
I soon realised we were a dying race like the buffalo… we can’t be re-stocked or re-plenished, so to grow I started to look further a-field for members….
At the arrival in Australia for a visit I found Noeleen Batley and then introduced the girls to our tribe. I then found dancers, djs, agents, managers, tv and radio people, recording studios and their engineers and producers, historians and anybody involved in the late 50s. I even tried to find Andy Ellis (tailor to the stars)
For more bands, singers and performers, I went to Melbourne, Adelaide, then Brisbane and the Gold Coast, gathering new ARROWS along the way.
Still in pursuit for more members the 1st country I looked outside of Australia was New Zealand where we found a number of Kiwis from across the pond and welcomed them in –
Still not satisfied - Toni Stevens proved she was a rocker in the UK before coming to Australia.. which then opened another door and today we’re 400 strong and we’ve now captured a world –wide international star – Bobby Rydell
Our latest innovation is to bolster up our female side of ARROWS and extend the girls eligibility year to 1963.
Till next time

Below are some of the photos I took on the day, I'm looking forward to the next luncheon, well done John.
Doug McLaughlin
Geoff Mack
Kenny Kitching & Ron Martin
Tabbi Francis & Geoff Mack
Bob Madden
Bobby Rydell & Ross Hutchison
Barry Mawson
Frankie Davidson, Lucky Starr & Jimmy Shaw
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