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ARTISTES ANSWERING CENTRE - Established in 1967, this organisation bridges the gap between Agents and Artistes and has become one of the icons of the entertainment industry in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS REGISTER - Search for information about all Australian companies and businesses, such as ABN and business name registration details.

BARLOW MUSIC - Stock and custom orchestrations and recorded musical backings available, plus books, manuscript paper and arrangement writing supplies.

ECHIDNAS CLUB - Australian order of Comedians - For fun and laughter.

HOAX-SLAYER - A great website for information about those scams and hoaxes that are so prevalent on the Internet. Good for a laugh as well as very informative.

LIZ TAYLOR - Dynamic and very versatile entertainer Liz is a MO and Ace Awards winner who has an amazing array of talent, possessing a powerful voice and a terrific stage dynamism.

LYRICS WORLD - Fabulous range of song lyrics covering all genres. Catalogued by title and performer and also featured artiste collections, this is a very useful resource.

MELANIE PARRY - A fabulous talent, headlining in a number of her own stage shows including, The Judy Garland Story in Song, To Hal & Bach a Tribute to Hal David & Burt Bacharach, The Sensational Songs of the Sixties and The Magic of Dame Vera Lynn

MO AWARDS - The Australian charitable institution that honours the best entertainers in Australia and supports them in their hour of need. Please become a member of this fantastic organisation.

NSW DEPARTMENT OF FAIR TRADING - Interesting information available here. Check on your consumer rights and report any crooks or shonky dealers. Keep Australia honest.

NSW DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - The authority governing the entertainment business. Important legal information here for employers, agents and performers.

SAM ASH MUSIC STORES - Huge range of musical equipment from a long-established American store. Most items can be ordered on-line and shipped to Australia securely.

SCAMWATCH AUSTRALIA - The Australian government scam warning website. Well worth keeping abreast of all the dodgy ripoff merchants trying to part victims with their hard earned money.

SNOPES - A fantastic site that explains and debunks all those urban legends and myths. If you want to know about any of those fantastic sounding stories you read or receive in emails, you will find it on this site.

WHEREIS - Incredible mapping tool for finding streets and locations anywhere in Australia. Simply put an address into the search window and a map will display.

ZIGGY ZAPATA - Guitarist Extraordinaire Ziggy is a well-known performer, as well as a licensed commercial charter pilot and a computer and IT expert who builds and manages websites.