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Varsity Lakes Tavern
Mon 13th November 2017
Pictures Taken by: Sandra Erdman

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John's Varsity Lakes Report

Hello everybody and here is my report on a very successful Queensland luncheon on 13th November 2017 at the Lakes Tavern in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast Qld.

      This was our 53rd meeting since our inaugural ARROWS reunion in 2007. I had previously happened on the idea of getting the original Houserockers back together. Alan Dale and I then found most of the band from 1956 and organised that iconic Sydney luncheon on our
50th Anniversary. It was so successful we all agreed to do it again. It was a no brainer from then to invite the other bands and singers, then expand ARROWS from a mere five codgers in the beginning to now around 550 members all over Australia.

      It was very satisfying last Monday at ‘The Varsity’ to see a good roll-up. You made the effort, got off your arses and joined your old mates at the Tavern. I expressed to all that, get-togethers like this inspire us all to keep going and looking back to what we’ve really achieved in our lives, how our industry gave us belief in ourselves, our unique talents and united us all here today in joy and total appreciation of each other. With great friendships and support for those of us who are starting to shuffle along a bit or feel a little out of it at this stage of our lives. We want you all to have a great day, reminisce and be comforted in the belief that….
"We’re all one big happy, musical family"……………

      Reg Towsend (Townend Brothers) and Patty Britain got hopelessly lost getting to the Tavern and finally arrived around 1pm. We thought we were not going to see Lynn Rogers but she didn’t disappoint us and walked in straight from a band rehearsal after 1pm, and last but not least - Graham Webb totally forgot after flying back on Sunday night from Sydney. He told me that when I called him. But true to his word, Graham didn’t let us down, he made it just as we were all leaving and that was after getting a train and a taxi - Good on yer Graham….

      Numbers who attended
Members 47 + Virgins 9 total 56….. There were another 10 who didn’t arrive due to various reasons.

      Star of the day (besides every one else there of course) was Chet Clark who was one of the original compares and piano/vocal performer on the early Six O’Clock Rock in 1958 before JOK. Chet and his wife Gloria were accompanied by George and Marilyn Andronicus.

      Other virgins on the day were:
Geoff and Pam Dart –
Geoff - Originally from Melbourne started in the Hi-Fi’s vocal group becoming resident vocal group on GTV9 with Bert Newton, TCN9 (in Sydney) John Conrads, Bandstand, Bobby Limb shows. In 1964 moved to UK… lots more…
Pam - Dancer Sydney Tivoli Theatre 1959 Chequers 1961 plus lots more
Paul Schorr – Guitar/Vocal with touring band The Escorts later became agent and manager.
J.J. Jones – Sydney/Melbourne Dancer - Tivoli plus many more…

      A big thanks from me to our ARROWS TEAM: Ronny Kitchen (Qld Ambassador), Does a great job with the comparing and intoducing the Virgins - Sandra Erdman (Photographer),and Lynne Fletcher (Girl Friday and secretary). Always on the ball and did a lovely speech..…
      Sandra was totally blown away as we asked the members for a Golden Coin donation to show our appreciation for her reliability and ‘Attention to Duty’ and who is always there with her camera and a smile to capture those magic moments. She is such a dedicated member of our team who comes up from Sydney every time by train and bus with her sister. And last but not least –
All of you who graced us with your presence at our 53rd ARROWS Queensland Quinquagenarian +10 Anniversary.

From Ronnie Kitching
Arrows Gold Coast meeting was a great success with an attendance of 56. Virgin Geoff Dart, was originally from the Melbourne Hi-Fi's and later The Cicadas from Sydney. They travelled to London, changed the name and returned to Australia. He was accompanied by his lovely wife Pam formally a dancer.
J.J Jones....early gigs at the Latin Quarter, the (Sydney) Tivoli, then joined with Digger Revell Revue in the far east and now has a Spanish Flamenco Studio in Surfers Paradise.
Paul Schorr, one of the leading Qld guitarists in the sixties and seventies joined us and had a great time.
We actually got John Gardiner, trumpeter to turn up and he really enjoyed himself.
The highlight of the day was the appearance of George and Marilyn Andronicus ( spent over 15 years on and off at The Coachman in Sydney) he made the day by bringing Chet Clark and his beautiful new wife Gloria.
Chet left Australia in 1963 and has had an amazing career in L.A. culminating in being Musical Director for the late Jane Russel until she retired....
The day closed with a magnificent account by Lynne Fletcher getting started in Brisbane and Bandstand which really made a nice finish to the day.
Cheers mate.

Members who attended Ron Kitchin – John Charter – Lynne Fletcher – Bob Leppard – Hugh Sadleir – Alice Sadleir – Ray Burton – Rod Little – Ken Bennett – Valentine Jones – Coral Roy – Bluey Watson – Leon Isackson – Reg Townsend – Lynn Rogers – Billy Foster – Bennie King (Ngatai) – Ronnie Ransfield – Bill Flemming – Jim Howard – Sandra Erdman (Assoc.) - Geoff Ovenden - Wilma Reading – Joy Parr – Shirley Mason – Sue Kirkby – Rodney Ball – Kay Purser (Assoc.) – Eddy Gobbe – Digger Revel – Ian B. McLeod - Tony Worsley – John Strange – Chris Thomas (Assoc.) - Colin Lock – Bob Massey – Patti Britain – Graham Webb – Peter Brown - Val Heffernan – Owen Smith – Ian Franklin – Michael Lawler – Brian Kelly – Rod Stevens – Patsy O’Hara. (47)
Virgins Paul Schorr – Chet Clark – Gloria Clark – George and Marilyn Andronicus - Geoff and Pam Dart - John Gardiner – J.J.Jones. (9)
Here are some members comments.
      Geoff and Pam Dart (Virgins)
Hi John, Thank you for the invitation and the pleasure of meeting everyone at the function. We were made to feel most welcome, and look forward to attending the next function here on the Gold Coast.
From John Strange
Really enjoyed the meeting on Monday right from being bowled over by Leon and Digger when we arrived to meeting up and having a chat to Patsy O'Hara, who I hadn't seen for 52 years.
Last time was in Vietnam 1965. A great day! Thanks heaps.

From Ray Burton
As usual, it was a wonderful day to catch up with fellow Australian music pioneers. There was an element of sadness in the air for everyone this time around though, as Dave Bridge and John (Catfish) Purser were sadly missed.

From Owen Smith,
What a great turnout and especially “Chet Clark” coming along with his wife, it was all good. I certainly enjoyed the day, the fraternity, camaraderie and the meal all excellent

From Ian Franklin
writes -To you, the "Lord of the Quaver" (sorry...Quiver) and Ronnie K. our Queensland Ambassador (the "Minister for all things musical"); Yet another successful gathering of 'old school' talent chewing the fat on the good times and grateful that they chose Show Business over "that day job" WOO HOO !!..............looking forward to the 2018 June Meeting. Stay well, stay happy and stay in touch.

From Colin Lock
- Always a good day to catch-up with old friends.

From Rod Stephens
Hi John. Yes mate I really enjoyed the Varsity Lakes ARROWS function on Monday 13/11.Everyone there on the day was extremely lively, vibrant and happy
Thanks for all your hard work on pulling it all together Kind regards

From Hugh & Alice Sadleir
Many thanks for organising the ARROWS meeting. It was an enjoyable day to see old friends and associates. Looking forward to the next one.

Keep well and hope to see you all soon at an ARROWS luncheon. **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
                      CLUB CRONULLA
Croydon St Cronulla

Monday 8th January 2018
11:00am - 2:30pm


Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1.Bluey Watson & Ian Franklin

2.Digger Revell & Wilma Reading

3.Patti Brittain, Digger Revell, Kay Purser

4.Leon Isakson, Ken Bennett

5.John Charter

6.Lynne Fletcher,

7.Gloria Clark

8.Val Heffernan

9.Patsy O'Hara

10.Lesley Rose

11.Geoff Overnan

12.Chet Clark

13.Digger Revell

14.John Charter, Lynne Fletcher

15.Ron Kitchin

16.Paul Schorr, Bob Massey,
Jim Howard

17.Chet Clark, Wilma Reading

18.Brian Kelly, Ian B McCloud

19.Lynne Fletcher, Patsy O'Hara

20.Patsy O'Hara, Alice Sadleir

21.Ken Bennett

22.John Charter

23.J.J Jones

24.Geoff Dart

25.John Gardiner

26.Rodney Little, Brian Kelly & Bennie King

27.Colin Lock, Paul Schorr, Billy Forster
& Ian Franklin

28.Geoff & Pam Dart

29.Owen Smith & Bill Flemming

30.Leon Isackson & Bluey Watson

31.Bennie King, Geoff Ovenden & Paul schorr

32.Joy Parr & Shirley Mason

33.Brian Kelly, John Charter & Lynne Fletcher

34.Colin Lock & Rod Stevens

35.Kay Purser & John Charter
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