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Bankstown Sports Club
Mon 11th September 2017
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman

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John's Bankstown Report
Hi all
      Well hello all once again. We certainly had an exceptional day together at Bankstown Sports Bowling Club, an unexpected, and at the time, unwanted last minute change of venue.
The task of making sure that everybody knew we were not going to be at the Sports club was a challenge as it is our usual annual venue. I asked Lynne Fletcher if she would go up there to make sure that nobody went to the wrong club - whew!!! Although a couple of us did get a bit lost……
From my perspective after getting the microphone dilemma worked out (thanks Reg!) it was a bonza day, and the comfortable and bright atmosphere with plenty of room to relax was a welcome bonus.

Unfortunately we don’t have a link for you to click on for the photos of this latest ARROWS lunch meeting. My Web Master Noel is going through some difficult health issues at the moment and unable to spend the necessary time.
There are 2 group pictures attached above, one is cropped and named so please open and check them out and you can download or print out as well.

      Again I must give a big thanks to Alan Dale (Godfather of Aussie Rock n’ Roll) for always being there like a big brother. Sandra Erdman taking all the pictures was totally blown away as we presented to her a bouquet of flowers to show our appreciation for her reliability and ‘attention to duty’ and who is always there with her camera to capture those magic moments. Reg Townsend with his PA system that sounded great in this room. Lynne Fletcher as my ‘Girl Friday’ who does a great job. Lastly a big thank you to Club Manager Vince Bruning and Staff who were always smiling and accommodating as they welcomed us to their club. And last but not least - All of you who graced us with your presence at the 52nd ARROWS lunch.
Cheers John Charter

Report from ALAN DALE
      The lunch at Bankstown Sports Bowls was a very organised affair with the venue being more of an intimate setting. New members included Ray Butler, Lawrie Barclay (The Nocturnes), Bill Kefalas, Wayne Thomas (The Starliners) and a very special lady, Kerrie Dyer. Cameo presentations from Toni Stevens, George Karren, Lynne Fletcher were interesting and it was great to hear from Jimmie Sloggett who made the journey up from Melbourne. Irene St John gave her usual update on member Maria Venuti. Thanks to Reg Townsend for the PA which worked brilliantly.

Here are some members comments.
From Ron Atkins
Another well organised and conducted ARROWS gathering at the Bowling Club. It seems to suit our needs well and is more intimate and ‘homely’ than the large Sports club.
Nice home styled roast beef and veg at the buffet too.
Cheers mate.

From Colin Duff
Hi John,
It was a great day....congratulations.
My apologies for leaving early (before the group picture was taken) but my grandson was in hospital & I had to get home early. He's fine, so no drama.
Thanks again for a great day.

From Jimmy Parkinson and Shirley
Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and I speak for Jimmy and myself. Thought the club was a great venue and made the day a more intimate experience.
Thanks again John for all your efforts.

From Vicki Forrest & Trevor
Hi John, Thank you again for another very nice day, catching up with lots of people. My personal complaint was the lack of casual food (like sandwiches) but I guess the vanilla slice made up for it.
I had a thought, why has Lee Sellers & Sylvia Ray never come to "Arrows"? Just a thought.

From Ross Linton,
Thanks for yesterday, and for arranging the alternative club for us. But I hope that in future we can return to the Sports Club. It's my favourite venue

From Lawrie Barclay
Just a note of thanks John for bringing me in. It was great to see so many great people I have worked with over the years. I thought the venue was really good and we had a great time Thanks

From Glenn Fisher AM
Hello John, Thanks for letting me be part of the “family” and giving me the opportunity to hear all the wonderful stories about the early days of Australian rock’n’roll. Also, many thanks to you and Alan (and others) for organising these get togethers to reminisce and renew those old music ties.

From Lynne Fletcher
Well last Monday was such a fun-day at the BSBC. I thought it was a lovely venue, so comfortable and welcoming with good and reasonably priced food. On arrival I had a real surprise when Colin Duff (FM radio man) presented me with a compilation CD of my EMI recordings that I had put down with David McKay in the 60s. Something I’ll always treasure.
Early on John was trying to address us with great frustration. The club wireless microphone was cutting in and out and as we giggled at his antics, our mate Reg Townsend came to the rescue, bringing his PA in as he often does for ARROWS, saving the day and stopping John from tearing his hair out. (he doesn’t have a lot left).
Thanks John for the huge effort I see you making each time you’re preparing the get-to-gethers. ARROWS is a lovely way of keeping in touch with those I hold so dear but have little time to see.
From Sandra Erdman
Thank you for the beautiful bunch of flowers. Photo of group attached. Hope this one is OK.

From Dennis Mawson .
As usual a very good day, And great for catching up with people you haven't seen for a long time, I finally caught up with Margaret Hooper, we hadn't seen each other for 56 years, we did plenty of catching up (talking that is). By the way that was a great venue.

From Nina Raye
We really enjoyed the day and the club was lovely with many friends to talk and have a laugh with.

Carol Murray writes
Hi John. It was a great day the food was ok & i liked the Bowling Club better than the Sports Club.
Love Carol

From Jim Barnes
Another great day was had by all, thanks to your superb efforts. What a nice club. The meals were great and very well priced. Might I suggest we have more of our gatherings there

From Noel Clarke
Hi John
The Bankstown Sports Bowling Club, the venue of this meeting in my humble opinion is tops. More cosy and friendly, atmosphere was great.
In other word, Great Day, Great venue better still was the great friendships.
Thank to you ARROWS -> -> -> John & Alan.

From Bill Kefalas
I enjoyed every minute of our day at Bankstown and specially seeing so many faces that I knew from the sixties. I can’t wait for the next one. I think it is fantastic what you are doing. Thank you so much for inviting me.
Sincerely Bill

P.S. by Lynne and John
      As our years fly by we have to make the effort to get together. It’s probably easy sometimes to think “Oh I’m just too ‘jolly’ tired to travel to the ARROWS/ALVA/Debonairs/Echidnas/etc. function today”. But we must GRAB the chance to enjoy what we have left in our life. All too often these days we are confronted with the sad news that one of our dear friends and colleagues, that we’ve shared the stage with or enjoyed sitting watching their wonderful talents, often rolling around in laughter at their amazing tricks or stories, have joined the Rock n’ Roll Band in Heaven.
OUR time in Show Business is a “Never-to-be repeated period of entertainment”. So let’s relish the time we have left together with our mates as the ‘relentless old clock’ ticks by all too quickly.

Keep well and hope to see you all soon at an ARROWS luncheon.

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966

& 60th of Alan Dale & The Houserockers

  Varsity Lakes Tavern
Monday 13th November 2017
11:00am - 2:30pm
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1.Lawrie Barclay, Ben Patis, Ray Butler

Rose Bandell, Colin Duff, Trevor Norrie & Vicky Forrest

3.Margaret Hooper, Dick Woodleigh,
& Ron Atkins

4.Larry Steller, Ruth Marks

5.Charlie Smith, Tricky Delano,
Bill Kefalis, George Karren,
Leon Isackson, Brian Fogarty

6.Bck)Di Georgason, Jimmy Parkinson,
Mary Schneider. Fnt)Angie Townsend,
Larry Stellar & Nina Rae

7. Lawrie Barclay& Nina Rae

8.Carol Murray,Margaret Hooper
& Vic Simms

9.Steven Sim & Ivan Petch

10.Jimmie Sloggett, Gloria
& Keith Williams

11.Bill Kafalis

12.Dave Lee

13.Dan McGonigal

14.Jimmie Sloggett

15.Roland Storm

16.Ken Kitching, George Boyer
Emma Hanna

17.Leon Isackson & Bill Flemming

18.Linton Tinkler, Morrie Muller
& Keith Williams

19.Roy Cooper & Dave Lee

20.Kerrie Dyer & Toni Stevens

21.John Charter, Lawrie Barclay
& Ray Butler

22.Ivan Petch, Carol Murray
Lynne Fletcher

23.Charlie Smith & Geoff Jones

24.Colin Duff & Jim Barnes

25.Trevor Norris & Bernadette Ramsay

26.Alan Dale

27.Noel clarke

28.Terry Kaff

29.Lynne Fletcher

30.Irene St.John

31.John Charter, Sandra Erdman & Alan Dale

33.Toni Stevens

7.(Back)Noel Clarke, Toni Stevens, Lynne Fletcher, John Chater
Mary Schneider (Front) Shirley Jackson, Ken Jeagle,
Jimmy Parkinson, Wayne Thomas & Kerrie Dyer
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