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Club Cronulla
Mon 08th January 2018
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman

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Club Cronulla
MONDAY 08th January 2018 from 11am
ARROWS Report from our High Summer luncheon…last Monday 8th January 2108
G’Day to all ARROWS

It’s my delight to bring you our ‘54th Reunion and Rendezvous Report’. We were almost overrun by 88 members, who gathered together last Monday 8th at Club Cronulla. A record number was noted. (in 2017 we had 83.)
We all shared memories and stories of our amazing past and our fabulous music industry - the early years of the R n’ R era.
I wish to say “thank you all” for joining us.
It meant so much to me and all who supported me in setting this up to see you all there. I just hope each and every one of you enjoyed the day chatting away with all your old mates and colleagues as much as we did.
If, for any reason, you felt any uncomfortable moments, I would sincerely like you to let me know by emailing me. I will personally take note and work on any problem(s), so as we can make sure everybody feels welcome and truly enjoys their day out.
Once again ‘great’ to see you all and we look forward to our up-coming lunch event at Woy Woy Leagues Club on the 12th March, and hope to see lots of you up there.
Special thanks again to Alan Dale co-compare, Sandra Erdman photographer, Lynne Fletcher Girl Friday, Geoff Groth group picture editing and to all of you who made the pilgrimage to Club Cronulla.
Until then Keep well and enjoy life –

Love you all, John.

P.S. THIS REPORT IS NOT ATTACHED TO MY WEBSITE DUE TO OUR WEBMASTER’S (Noel Clarke) CHEMO REGIME, So unfortunately there are no singular photos attached. We sincerely hope Noel gets better and is back to his old self again soon. Heee's Baaack
Vale to Barry Stanton and Morrie Muller.

Report from ALAN DALE
Another lunch date at Cronulla Bowling Club saw a big roll up of Arrows members enjoy a catch up with their friends and associates.
So happy to see Keith Jacobsen in good humour after his recent stroke. With his lovely lady by his side, Keith told Leon Isackson and I how he has had to learn to talk and walk all over again. He has not lost his sense of humour.
The new faces were welcomed with a very brief synopsis of their start in entertainment and their current activities.
The train drama certainly put a damper on the otherwise successful day. Many were left standing at railway stations with no knowledge of the problems they were to encounter. We have always been mindful of our venues being close to rail transport and this is the first hiccup in that direction. Don’t let the rail travel deter you from joining us at Woy Woy as that particular journey is very scenic and well worth taking.
George Siedlecki,
It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. It was good to have a chat with some of the members in the ARROWS Club.
I had a wonderful time and looking forward to seeing you and other members again some time in the near future.
Please keep me informed on any other functions that may arise.

From Ray Butler
What a great day. It was great to catch up with Harry Brus, got to be 50 years since i last spoke with him.
would love to buy one of the photo’s that was taken with him, let me know the process if you get a chance.
Thanks again for a great day

Helen Zerefos and Ted Hamilton reports:
Congratulations for the wonderful Arrows function last Monday! We all had a special time!
Thank you, With love.

Another great day, thanks John! <
Shirley Jackson, and Jimmy Parkinson.

From Billy Cowper and Fran Burden
Hi John, Great meeting and venue, a great thrill for Fran and I was seeing one of our favourite drummers RON STANTON (we had been told he had passed away). At 90 years old he still remembered 1958 at the Tivoli Theatre, when during a routine Fran’s cowboy boot flew into his bass drum busting the skin. His reply! “yeah, and I threw it right back”. great day!....

Best regards George Boyer
Hi John Thank you for your kind words, and for the opportunity to speak at Cronulla. I am looking forward to my new life, but will always cherish the memories after 58 years on the SMS (Sydney Music Scene). Please keep me in the loop; I will try and time one of my visits so that we can catch up again at an ARROWS gathering.

Glenn Fisher AM JP
Hello John, Many thanks for organising another great get together for those who contributed to the early Aussie music scene; and I really appreciate being able to share these special times.
Best Wishes,

Lynne Fletcher writes - WOW!!! 88 It was so wonderful catch up with so many wonderful friends we so rarely see. It is opportunities like this where we can laugh and joke to our hearts content and we all appreciate each other and what we can gratefully share of our achievements and the joys of our industry.
Thank you. Love Lynne. x

George Karren writes
Another great day and great roll up ! Well done mate to you and Alan. Greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work. God bless

Phill Bros comments
"Fabulous day really well organized. I got Roy Cooper's attention (By spilling a glass of Coke over his White Shirt. Ed.), appreciated my mate drummer Peter Schultz travelling 5 hours to attend".

From Harry Brus
Wonderful fun being a virgin again, so great to spend time with so many talented people, thanks John for making the 'Awakening' a special time.

Adrienne Lamb
Hi John, Arrows at the Cronulla Club….a great day of being with friends good food, and as always well organised. Thanks to you, John and special hello to Alan Dale. hugs,

Clarence Ormsby
My wife and I enjoyed the luncheon at Club Cronulla and thank you for organising the function.

John Charter
02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
Woy Woy Leagues Club
82 Blackwall Road,
Woy Woy
Monday 12th March 2018 from 11:00am
Just a short walk from the railway station
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1. Wayne Thomas & Roy Cooper

2. Geoff Gould, Lew Clarke & Graham Cotter

3. Margaret Hooper, Angie Townsend,
Dick Woodleigh, Keith Drew
Margaret Flanagan & Ken Jeagle

4. Trevor Norris, Vicki Forrest & Colin Duff

5. Ben Patis & Vic Simms

6. Mike Kelly & Ken Dean

7. George Boyer, George Siedlecki & Peter Barns

8. Margaret Flanagan, Ken Jeagle & Adrianne L:amb

9. Joy Savill & Wayne Thomas

10. John Charter &
Michael Parsons

11. Stan Wilson,
Alan Townsend, Ron Kitchen

12. Bosco Bosanac &
John Charter

13. Cheryl Assange &
Angie Townsend

14. Ross Hutchison &
Roy Cooper

15. Doug De Kroo &
Michael Pardons
16.Jimmy Parkinson, Shirley Jackson, Mary Schnieder,
Larry Stellar, Nina Raye

17. Wayne Thomas &
Roy Cooper

18. Ben Patos & Vic Simms

19. Glenn Fisher AM &
Trevor Norris

20. John Shields,
Peter Schultz & Eddy Gobbe

21. Gordon Holmes &
Bosco Bosanac

22. Fran Burden & Ron Stanton

23. Roy Cooper, Frank Ifield &
Wayne Rountree

24. Bill Flemming &
Leon Isakson

25. John Charter &
Fran Burden

26. Ted Hamilton

27. Clarence Ormsby

28.Doug De Kroo &
Michael Parsons

29.Larry Stellar & Shirley Jackson
30.Frank Ifield
31.Kevin Jacobson OAM,
Ted Hamilton & Vic Simms

32.John Charter, Vicki Forrest & Trevor Norris

33. Cheryl Assange &
Dennis Mawson

34. Michael Parsons Alan Dale & Kevin Todd

35. Ben Patis, Laurie Barclay
Harry Brus

36. George Siedlecki &
Bosco Bosanac

37. Keith Jacobson
Ron Kitchen

38. Ray Butler & Harry Brus

39. Charlie Smith, Ron Fabri
Ric Martin, Tricky Delano

40. John Charter, Jim Barnes
Ted Hamilton, Helen Zerefos OAM

41.Joy Savill, Helen Zerefos OAM Adrienne Lamb

42. Bill Wallace & Brian Fogarty

43. Margaret Flannigan,
Ken Jeagle, Adrienne Lamb

44. Vicki Forrest, Ted Hamilton
Helen Zerefos OAM

45. John Charter, Jim Barnews
Ted Hamilton & Helen Zerefos OAM

46. Larry Stellar & Shirley Jackson

47. George Siedlecki

48. Vicki Forrest & Frank Ifield

49. Clarence Ormsby

50. Doug De Kroo & Michael Parsons
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