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Woy Woy Leagues Club
Mon 13th July 2015
Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman

MONDAY 13th JULY 2015 from 11am
Hi all
What a fantastic lunch we all had at Woy Woy last Monday.
Around 70 ARROWS attended on the day and Steve Brickley the club CEO and ex Fairstar assistant cruise director, was a hands on host.
Everything was set up for us when we arrived and the food was cheap, tasty and plentiful. His staff were on the ball and they all really looked after us. Thanks again to Steve and the girls……..
Alan Dale and I arrived at the club at 10.45am only to bump into Grade Wicker and his wife Jane who were arriving at the same time. It’s was an act of love and dedication for Jane to bring him along as he’s been ailing for some time now but she was determined to get him there to see us all. Well done Jane.

Many thanks also to Alan Dale and to Sandra Erdman who took lots of photos I’ll put them on my website soon but attached here find the group photo numbered and named. Also much appreciation to Lynne Fletcher who was not only there as an ARROWS but my ‘Girl Friday’ on the day. Plus a big yea for Geoff Groth in Adelaide for working on the photo with numbers and names.

Comments from Alan Dale…..
Another well attended Arrows lunch with food this time! The Woy Woy trip was a delight on the 9.15 from Central. This train is the inter-city express and is so comfortable with air conditioning and the bonus of only 4 stops on the way. The return trip on the 2.44 again was the inter-city which docked into Central at 3.56.
Virgins included singer-compere Tommy Rayburn, dancer Lorraine Buckley, musicians Hans Martin and Brian Kelly, radio presenter and drummer Michael Parsons, singer Graham Cotter and recording artist Grade Wicker who made a supreme effort to join us.
An apology was read from John Brennan who has the desire to make a lunch as soon as he is well enough. Steve (CEO) was so helpful in making us welcome and all agreed that the venue should be a very important part of our calendar. The ambience of the train journey adds to the pleasure of meeting old and new friends. A group photo has been taken by our loyal photographer Sandra and will be displayed for your viewing

Our sick list on the day was bigger than usual with lots of flu and colds around. Dave Allenby arrived but had to leave as he was not well at all. The same applied to Keith Williams who was suffering the same fate.
Apologies came thick and fast on the day with messages from Bruce Jansen, Bob Pierse, Margaret Hooper and Dick, Margaret Flanagan and Keith, Bernadette Ramsey, Don Sleishman, Shirley Simmons, Irene St.John, Ron Fabri, Sep Martin, Wayne Cornell, John Newton, Reg Townsend, and many others (if you were ill too, sorry if I haven’t included you name here as there were so many)……….
I’m seriously thinking about moving our Woy Woy lunch out of the winter/flu season …. watch this space…

Stats on the day
Attendances 70 all up
Central Coast Locals 28 (locals pool 48)
Apologies 78
Anybody who has any comments or ideas regarding the day please address them to me

Next ARROWS encounter will be at the Varsity Lakes Tavern Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast, Queensland on the 14th September.
The venue is booked so write it in your diary and I’ll be in touch mid August with some details If anybody has any virgins I need to talk to, let me know. There’s still a few Brisbane people I haven’t found yet.
The last Sydney convergence for 2015 will be at Bankstown Sports on 12th October

Happy days to all
John Charter


John Charter

Alan - Booka - Don

Nina Raye

Alan & Eddy

Alan - Michael - Steve

Alan & Warwick

Booka - Frankie - Leon

Eddy - Tricky

Grade - John - Kevin - Booka

Bill - Ivan

Grade Wicker

Barry Canham

Brian Kelly

Charlie Smith

Hans Martin



Jacqui - Rocky

John - Don - Milton

John - Trevor

Don North

lorraine Buckley

Ric Martin

Steve Brickley

Trevor - Lyn

Noel - Lyn - John

Pam - Carol - Rose

Peter - Tricky

Ross - Tommy

Shelly - Judy

Trevor - Dave

Warren - Ruth

Carol - Pam - Warren - John

Carol - Sammy

Joy - Judy

Kevin - Glenn

Mike - Rosemary

Milton - June

Leon - Ron



Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club
Mon 13th April 2015
Pictures Taken by: Sandra Erdman

Kerry Bryant

Carol Murray

Pam Liversidge

Vicki Forrest

Babs McKinnon

Rose Bandell

Paul Flanagan

Keith Drew

Ray McGeary

George Payne

Ron Kitchin

David Kilby

Ross Dean

Ron Patrick

Sammy Gaha

Bob Pierse

Steve Sim

Mike Kelly

Pete Graham

Johnny High

Linton Tinkler

Kevin Collins

Jeff O'Brien

Bernadette Ramsay

Alan Dale

John Charter

Jimmy Parkinson

Margaret Hooper

Betty Parker

Cheryl Assange

Johnny Devlin

Lonnie Lee

Booka Hyland

Ross Hutchison

Barry Canham

Dave Goodger

Ric Martin

Ron Fabri

Bruce Janson

Suzanne Rix

Kenny Kitching

Morrie Muller

George Karren

Brian Fogarty

Bill Flemming

Dan McGonigal

Mary Schneider

Daphne Kerr-Driscoll

Ron Martin

Angie Townsend

Shelley May

Toni Stevens

Rosemary Tseng

Dave Willianson

Dick Woodleigh

Terry Kaff

Ross Rignold

Leon Isackson

Mike Tseng

Billy Gee

Warren Daly

Geoff Mack

Tabbi Francis

Bob Madden

Larry Stellar

Margaret Flanagan

Lyn Fletcher

Jenene Watson

Olive Johnson

Mary Scheider & Tabbi Francis

(From Left) Kerry Bryant, Carol Murray, Pam Liversidge,
Margaret Flanagan, Rose Bandell, Babs McKimmon

Carol Murray & Pam Liversidge

Paul Flanagan, Vicki Forrest & Margaret Flanagan

Pete Graham & Paul Flanagan

Linton Tinkler, David Kilby & Johnny High

Carol Murray & Betty Parker

Cheryl Assange & Bob Pierce

Bernadette Ramsay & Keith Drew

Steve Sim & Pete Graham

Ron Fabri, Rick Martin & Barry Canham

Pete Graham & Suzanne Rix

Mary Schneider, Ray McGeary & John Charter

Ron Martin & Ange Townsend

Dick Woodleigh & Ange Townsend

Ron Kitchin, Rosemary Tseng & Leon Isackson

Rick Martin, Nina Raye & Ron Fabri

Lean Isackson, Suzanne Rix & Jenene Watson

Cheryl Assange & Leon Isackson

Cheryl Assange, George Karren & Leon Isackson

Morrie Muller & Booka Hyland

John Newton & Ron Kitchin

Brian Dean & Mike Kelly

Brian Dean & John Newton

Trevor Norris, Vicki Forrest & Lyn Fletcher

Reg Townsend, Margaret Flanagan, Betty Parker,
Pam Liversidge

Lonnie Lee & Ron Martin

Keith Drew, Nina Raye & Bernadette Ramsay

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