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Surfers Paradise RSL Club
Mon 22nd June 2016
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Surfers Paradise RSL Club
MONDAY 22nd June 2016 from 11am
From the desk of John Charter
Hi Everyone
Thanks to all who attended the 45th ARROWS meeting held on the Queensland Gold Coast on 22nd June last. It was our first time at the Surfers Paradise Rsl and proved to be an superb venue. The Room and food were excellent and even though the attendance was a bit down we all had a great day. I’ve noted that Wednesdays are not the best days so I’ll stick to Mondays from now on.
Sorry to hear Maggie Britton, Catfish Purser and a few others were sick with the flu and couldn’t make it, while Valentine Jones and Coral Roy were gigging north of Brisbane.
A terrible shock that morning when I received a phone call from Coral Foster saying that Brian was too ill to come and was so disappointed as he wanted so much to see us all. We all know the sad news we received in the next couple of days.
On the bright side it was good to see Mike Tseng and wife Rosemarie make the trip up from Sydney. Thanks go out to Sandra Erdman our official ARROWS photographer and to Lynne Fletcher my girl Friday, who you might not all know was originally a Brisbane girl. They both made the pilgrimage up from Sydney.
Our total roll up was 36 ARROWS including 5 Virgins – Colin Cooper, Wayne Harper (Brisbane) Craig Berry, Trevor Rippingale and Bennie King.
The suggestion put to me last year was that maybe we should have two meetings a year instead of the traditional one we hold at The Varsity Lakes Tavern. I agreed hence the meeting at Surfers and we’ll still have the Varsity lakes meeting and this year it’ll be in November on Monday 14th. keeping them 6 months apart. If Varsity Lakes draws our usual attendance we’ll stick to the both venues and have 2 a year.
I was particularly pleased that everything went off as planned. Ron Kitchin did a fantastic job as compare on the day, thanks Ron, and the big surprise was seeing a hearty Geoff Mack turn up accompanied by his niece Jan, but regrettably Tabbi wasn’t well enough to grace with us with her bubbly presence.
I’ve spoken to some new ARROWS for our next meeting namely Merriel Hume and Bob Leppard, and hope we can find some more. Vance Lendich tells me are some more in Brisbane to be found yet.

Thanks all John

Ron Kitchin’s Report
The ARROWS meeting 22nd June proved to be a very good day for all who attended. Thanks to Geoff Ovenden and Vance Lendich we had a great turnout of Brisbane musicians including Wayne Harper, Jim Howard, Bob Massey, Rod Stevens and Alan Driscoll. New Zeeland was represented by Bennie King, Ronnie Ransfield, Colin Lock, Billy Foster and Craig Berry who actually behaved himself.J (Thanks Billy)
Queensland girl vocalists were there namely Lynn Rogers, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Lesley Rose. NSW State of origin musos included Dave Bridge, Eddy (Bert) Gobbe, Dave Cross, Col Jones, and Ken Bennett.
Mike Tseng met up with Trevor Rippingale after many years. They were in Uni together in 1954 before both working for J.O.K.
John Strange (Beaumarks) and Mike Lawler (Digby Richards & RJs) spent some time reminiscing. Graham Webb did a fantastic 15 minutes and kept everyone’s attention. Still going marvellous is Val Heffernan ‘Big Show’s’ original publicist and looking forward to finding more musicians who worked on the Lee Gordon Big Shows.
The legendary Geoff Mack, a superlative icon of Australian music was in attendance at our luncheon and had a wonderful time with all his contemporaries.
Looking forward to seeing more new members from the Brisbane bands i.e. The Planets, Blue Jeans and The Hucklebucks at Varsity Lakes in November.
Help us out guys.

Regards Ron VIRGINS
Colin Cooper, Wayne Harper, Craig Berry, Trevor Rippingale and Benie King
John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966
Bankstown Sports CLUB,
on Monday 12th September 2016.
11.00am - 2.00pm
Alan Dale

We'll see you at Ryde-Eastwood leagues club
9th May 2016

1: Lynne Fletcher John Charter, Mike Tseng, Seated Ron Kitching

2: Rosemary Treng, Colin Cooper, John Charter & Eddy Gobbe

3: Val Heffernan, Graham Webb & Rosemary Tseng

4: Wayne Harper & Jim Howard

5: Colin Jones & Trevor Rippingale

6: Val Heffernan & Geoff Overton

7: Owen Smith & Wayne Harper

8: John Charter, Dave Bridge & Leslie Rose

9: Geraldine Fitzgerals
& John Charter

10: Billy Forrester & Craig Berry

11: Alan Driscoll

12: Dave Cross

13: John Strange

14: Bennie King

15: Ken Bennett

16: John Strange & Ron Kitching

17: ,Graham Webb & Rosemary Tseng

18: Rod Stevens & Colin Cooper

19: Lynn Fletcher & Bob Massey

20: Gereldine Fitzderald,
Ron Kitching, Vance Lendich
& Geoff Ovenden

21: Graham Webb, John Charter & Geoff Mack

22: Ron Kitching & Craig Berry

23: Huey & Alice Saddlier

24: Graham Webb & Geoff Mack

25: Geraldine Fitzgerald,
Lynn Rogers & Val Heffernan

26: Mike Lawler

27: Ron Ransfield

28: Ron Kitching

29: Ron Kitching & Geoff Overden

30: Graham Webb
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