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Varsity Lakes Tavern
Mon 14th November 2016
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Varsity Lakes Tavern
Monday 14th November 2016 from 11am
From the desk of John Charter
Hello to all and our historic 7th ARROWS GOLD COAST gathering ….
It was a wonderful meeting last November 14th at the Varsity Lakes Tavern in Burleigh Waters with a total overall attendance of 63 ARROWS, Including 6 Virgins.
We welcomed the six ARROWS Virgins:-
Spencer Whitely one of the members of the original 4 Kinsmen,
Bob Leppard drummer from the Beaumarks,
Merriel Hume radio, theatre, TV and live female vocal performer out of Brisbane,
Patty Britain (married to the late Sailor Haylen) Outstanding 1960s, 70s, 80s+ recording, TV, live and Radio musical career.
Herma Keil New Zealand bandleader of the super group the ‘Keil Isles’
Ian McKay New Zealand drummer and former member of the Sydney double act ‘Big Red and Bojangles’

A good roll up of Brisbane musos and an even bigger gathering of the ever growing New Zealand alliance. A handful of NSW members were represented also.
Varsity Lakes Tavern is a good venue for us and our 7th annual appearance there. Early in 2016 we were requested by some members to do two meetings per annum which resulted in a mid-year gathering at the Surfers Parise RSL Club. Unfortunately we had a smaller rollup and I put it down to it being held on a Wednesday, but consensus of opinion has urged me to go back to Burleigh Waters for both of the 2017 gatherings.
Thanks once again to my Queensland dear friend and delegate, Ron Kitchin for helping me out inviting and finding new ARROWS and compering the day. Also to Sandra Erdman, who with her sister, drove up from Sydney to join in the day and take all the photos. Lynne Fletcher for being my ‘Girl-Friday’ and a big thanks for everybody else who turned up to make this a fantastic and memorable day.
Ron Kitchin’s report:
The Gold Coast Arrow’s meeting on Monday 14th November proved to be one of the biggest yet in Queensland, so much so that quite a few members asked if it would be worth doing it mid-year at Varsity Tavern as Surfers RSL didn’t really work well.
Great to see Wilma Reading again making the long trip from Cairns – not only is she one of our greatest singers but also a lovely person.
Big thanks to Geoff Ovenden and Vance Lendich and inspiring to see the Brisbane clan increasing
Great to see Bob Leppard from the original Beaumarks – we haven’t seen him since 1965.
Lovely to be in the company of Patty Brittain (Heylen), and thanks to Les and Pauline McPherson for bringing her.
And what a Great pleasure to see the New Zealand contingent growing.
Plus a big thanks to everybody who turned up and made it a very successful day to be enjoyed by all.
Regards Ron
A comment from Dave Williamson (Sydney)
Hi John,
This email is to say thank you for recognising and ok’ing Herma Keil to join us at the Surfers Arrows day. He was STOKED !
I was so happy, as I met Herma again.... together with Ken Bennet ....and of course Ian McKay.
Thanks for a fabulous day!
Cheers Dave Williamson

From Wilma Reading….
Hello John,
Thank you for the wonderful time spent at the Arrows Gold Coast Luncheon on the 14th November. Sorry for the delay in writing you, I have just arrived back in Cairns having been in Melbourne straight after leaving the Gold Coast.
I had a wonderful surprise that some of the musos present worked in the Lali Heji 17 piece Swing Band I worked with at the Ritz Ballroom Brisbane when I first started singing professionally. We had a good old chat about people we worked with and those who have passed on, a good catch up. I didn't recognize some of them but remembered names.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to spend more time with you and Lynne, you were so busy then it was all over. I sat with Lynn Rogers and some of the Maori guys after everyone had left, Lynn drove me back to the hotel.
So much to talk about in a short space of time.
Thanks once again John for facilitating the Arrows, always a pleasure for me to meet up with you and colleagues.
Looking forward to next year.
Take care of yourself and good wishes to both you and Lynn. Until next time, Love,
Wilma xx

From Sue Kirkby
Hi John and Lynne.
I wish to "Thank you" for another wonderful day out at Varsity Lakes Tavern.
Looking forward to the next one.
Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.
Cheers John

Wilma on YouTube "We two can have a party" Have a great Christmas and a bright, successful 2017.
See you at the big anniversary bash at Cronulla on the 9th January.
John Charter

Office: 02 9822 4414
Mobile: 0414 849 966
John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966

& 60th of Alan Dale & The Houserockers

(Formally Bowling Club)
Monday 9th January 2017
11:00am - 2:30pm
41 Croydon Street, Cronulla
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1:John Charter -Wilma Reading

2:Peter McHutchison -Rod Stevens

3:Bennie King -Brian Kelly
Dave Williamson

4:Dave Williamson -Bennie King
Brian Kelly -Catfish Purser

5: Wilma Reading -Eddy Gobbe

6:Ron Ransfield -Corol Forester

7:Gerald Fitzgerald -Ron Kitchin

8:Peter McHutchison -Owen Smith
Rod Stevens

9:Lynne Fletcher -Bill Flemming

10:Dave Williamson -Bennie King
Ron Ransfield -Peter McHutchison
Charlie Smith -Ian McKay

11:Jill & Kel Palise

12:Digger Revell -Gary Dennis

13:Geraldine Fitzgerald
John Charter -Alice Sadlier

14: -Digger Revell

15:John Charter - Corol Forster

16:Huey Sadlier -Ron Kitchin

17:Ron Atkins -Spencer Whitly
Eddy Gobbe

18:Lynne Fletcher -Joy Parr
Shirley Mason

19:Barry Brady -John Strange

20:Charlie Smith -Colin Lock
Ron Ransfield

21:Bob Massey -Wilma Reading
Jim Howard -Geoff Ovenden

22:Bennie King -Colin Cooper
Dave Williamson -Ian McKay

23:Alice Sadlier - Catfish Purser
Huey Sadlier

24:John Charter -Sue Kirbey
Bob Leppard

25:Maggie Britton - Lesley Rose
Dave Bridge

26:John Charter -John Dodds
Lynne Fletcher

27:Lynne Fletcher - Ron Kitchin
Patty Brittain -John Charter

28:Dave Williamson -Ian McKay

29:Ray Burton -John Charter
Mike Lawler

30:Catfish Purser - Sue Kirby

31:Sandra Erdman - Catfish Purser

32:Lynn Rogers

33:Patty Brittain

34:Ron Kitchin

35:Herma Keil

36:Charlie Smith

37:Ron Ransfield

38:Wilma Reading

39:John Strange

40:Ian McKay

41:John Charter -Ian B McLeod

42:John Austin -Geraldine Fitz
Merrial Hume -Geoff Ovenden

43:Val Heffernan -Owen Smith

44:Gerald Fitzcerald- Merriel Hume

45:Bob Leppard -Sue Kirby
Corol Forster -John Strange

46:Bob Massey -Sue Kirby

47:John Kerr - Graham Webb OAM

48:Bennie King -Charlie Smith
Ian McLay -Peter Williamson
Bill Flemming -Herma Keil
Ken Bennett -Lynne Fletcher

49:Shirley Mason -Graham Webb
Joy Parr

50.Lynn Rogers -Sue Kirby
Lynne Fletcher - Geraldine Fitz
Merriel Hume -Joy Parr
Shirley Mason

51:Spencer Whitely

52:Dave Bridge

53:Sue Kirby

54:Huey Sadlier -Lynne Fletcher

55.Geraldine Fitz -Lynne Ftetcher
Merriel Hume -Corol Forster
Lynn Rogers -Sue Kirby
Alice Sadlier
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