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Varsity Lakes Tavern
Mon 14th September 2015
Group Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman

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Varsity Lakes Tavern
MONDAY 14th September 2015 from 11am
Hi All What a ‘blast!’ our 5th Annual ARROWS lunch meeting was incredibly fabulous…… The surprise for me of laying eyes on Barney Combes after almost 50 years was unforgettable, He couldn’t stop hugging us all. I worked with Barney at the Associated Motor Club in George Street City for 3 years in the mid 60’s and hadn’t seen him since then.
I know that you all had great day as well and I’m looking forward to the next one at Bankstown Sports. Some of you even told me that you ‘had’ to get down to Sydney one day and catch up with your mates. You know that just ‘seeing’ them again is such a great feeling…. We won’t be here all that long I’m afraid.
Let me give a special thanks first to Ronny Kitchen who helped me organize the day, Sandra Erdman who came up from Sydney and took some great pictures, The Varsity Lakes Tavern who gave us their room and PA system for the 5th year now, the beautiful Gold Coast weather and all of you ARROWS who turned up.
Wilma Reading did it again and flew in from Cairns, Bruce Gillespie from Bundaberg, lots of us made it up from Sydney, a number from the bands out of Brisbane and more members from the Sunshine Coast.
With the help of Charlie Smith we found some of the Maori bands that were so prolific on the Gold Coast in the late 50s and early 60s and I believe there’s a few more to find.
All the girls looked stunning as always (I’ll get on) and so sorry some of us who are ailing just couldn’t make it on the day.
A group photo has been taken by Sandra our loyal photographer and soon will be sent for your viewing as well as lots of single shots that I’ll post on my web site see link below:

Lots of requests from our Queensland ARROWS to double up and have 2 meetings a year. We’ll give this a run in 2016
Wednesday June 22nd @ Surfers Paradise Rsl and Monday 14th November at the Varsity Lakes Tavern…………..

John Charter – Ron Kitchin – Lynne Fletcher – Digger Revell – Kel Palise – Jill Palise – Ron Atkins - Maggie Britton – Shirley Mason - Catfish Purser – Mandy Sheridan
Keith Johnson – Les McPherson – Pauline McPherson – Wilma Reading – Charlie Smith – Mike Nolan – Sandra Erdman - Bruce Gillespie – Len Austin - Vance Lendich – John Strange
Ken Bennett - Ray Burton – Mike Tseng – Rosemarie Tseng - Dave Bridge – Lesley Rose – Owen Smith – Ian B. McLeod – John Dodds – Eddy Gobbe – Lynn Rogers – Bob Massey
Jim Howard – Tricky Delano - Brian Foster – Colin Jones – Valentine Jones – Coral Roy – Mike Lawler – Steve Sim – Rick Woodward – Peter McHutchison – Val Heffernan – Ian Franklin
Hazel Phillips - Geoff Mack – Tabbi Francis - Wally Kafoa – Colin Lock - Brian Kelly - Graham Webb

Joy Parr – Barry Pearson – Bob Tonge and Brian Gagen (Planets - Brisbane) - Phil Avalon - Ron Ransfield (Sheratons) - Billy Foster – Tony Worsley – Niven Walton – Sue Kirkby
Barney Combs – Billy Nuku.


Happy days to all
John Charter


Barney Coombs & Dave Bridge

Bob Massey & Wilma Reading

Bob Tonge,Len Austin,Brian Cagan

Coral Roy,Ian Franklin,Catfish Purser

Geoff Mack, Ken Bennett, Tabbu Francis

Ray Burton & Michael Lawler

Ron Atkins,graham Webb, Steve Sim

shirley Mason & Joy Parr

Ian B McLead,Val Jones
Graham Webb

Ray Burton, Michael Lawler
Tony Worsley, Mike Nolan
Ron Kitchen, Brian Kelly

John Strange & Sue Kirby

Colin Lock, Charlie Smith
Digger Revell, Billy Forster
Ron Ransfield

Steve Sim, Digger Revell
Ron Ransfield

Michael Lawler & John Charter

Geoff Mack & Tabby Francis
Mandy Sheridan

Barry Pearson

Billy Nuku

Bob Tonge

Brian Gagan

Niven Walton

Tricky Delano

Ray Burton

Joy Parr

Ron Kitchen,Val Heffernan
Hazel Phillips

Barry Pearson & Mandy Sheridan

Geoff & Tabby Mack

Sue Kirby

Tony Worsley

Lynne Fletcher

John Charter

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