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Woy Woy Leagues Club
Mon 14th March 2016
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Woy Woy Leagues Club
MONDAY 14th March 2016 from 11am
Let me thank you one and all for making our ‘Tribal Assembly’ at Woy Woy a warm, friendly outstanding day. The day went smoothly, the food was exceptionally good and reasonably priced. There were lots of encouraging members comments that are included below.
There were 79 ARROWS in Attendance (including 13 ‘Virgins’) a record for the Central Coast, with 74 apologies (9 on the day) and a small number of no shows.
Those present all agreed that the club had a most hospitable and welcoming atmosphere, with credit going to top man Steve Brinkley and his staff (Steve was Assistant Cruise Director on the old Fairstar) and I’m sure we’ll be back again next year.
After lunch I kicked off the official part of our day with a welcome and introduction for Alan Dale to read out the career history of each ‘virgin’ who were then welcomed into the tribe with a round of applause. (see ‘Virgins’ Attachment) We then gave the floor to our guest speaker, Lucky Starr, who regaled us with “off the record” stories and amusing anecdotes of his long and outstanding career. We heard some impromptu hilarious and delightful stories from Frankie Davidson, Toni Stevens, (Little ) Sammy Gaha, Irene St.John, Ross Linton, Wayne Cornell (too many to remember and go into in this report – you had to be there!!!) in the middle I passed the mike to the ever enthusiastic June Keep who suddenly burst into her own personal arrangement of New York, NY. We loved it…..I announced our next meeting and we wrapped up the day with a terrific group picture.
Brian Fogarty has come up with a good suggestion that maybe for future Woy Woy meetings some of you might consider coming up (or down) from wherever on the Sunday and staying overnight, to save that early morning trip plus the almost impossible Sydney traffic. Great minds must think alike; I did this on this occasion - came up on the train and saved myself that challenge. Although, I did stay with friends there are quite a few inexpensive places to stay. I can personally highly recommend the Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort having stayed there last month and thoroughly enjoying all they offer. This includes movie theatres, international restaurants, markets and swimming pool as well as most comfortable guest accommodation. All this for an excellent price with the beach across the road.
Since we extended the men’s eligibility period to 1963 I’ve found a wealth of new members. For our next outing I’m now looking for more ‘Virgins’. I have gathered a number of names and contacts for our next get-together for Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club. Watch this space!. If anybody knows any eligible people please contact me.
See you all at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues
Cheers John.

Observations from Alan Dale
There is something about Woy Woy that always entices a huge attendance of our Arrow friends. The recent lunch on 14th March was no exception with a record 13 virgins being introduced to a very receptive audience. Lucky Starr, Frankie Davidson, Wayne Cornell and Little Sammy told funny stories from their busy decades in show business.
The caterers did a wonderful job in servicing the many meal orders in record time. This gave us time to welcome our newcomers with a potted history of their time in our industry.
There were some late apologies and our thoughts go out to those who were absent because of health issues. One highlight was television writer/producer Bill Wallace surprising Dave Allenby with his presence as Bill was the producer of Dave's Tonight Show in Brisbane all those years ago.
We are all in the same time frame so medical problems can be expected. To all those present, thank you for making it a memorable day.
Let's keep it up!
Hello John,
first, allow me to rave a little about the Woy Woy Enjoy, a day of great memories and tall stories.
As usual I met a few for the first time in yonks and recognised them. That gathering for the long lunch will rate as a great way to spend a few memorable hours.
Alan Dale must be thanked for his time devoted to preparation of histories, time spent delving into old appearances and performances. as usual his delivery was one for the memory banks. The responses amused us and prodded the memory banks. The obvious appreciation from those assembled was palpable.
It is a pity that we don't have a video of the raconteurs and nostalgic tales. Lucky Starr's reminiscences alone were well received. The big number of fresh attendees was a surprise.
Thanks again for your hard work in preparation.
Doug McLaughlin

Dear John,
Just a note to thank you for the invitation to join the ARROWS. I must say that losing my virginity at Woy Woy last Monday was a very enjoyable experience and I look forward to many more gatherings to come in catching up with old and making new friends.
Congratulations on founding such a unique club of which I feel most honoured to have become a member.
Bill Wallace.

Dear John.(from Kevin Jacobsen)
This afternoon (Sunday ) I slipped on my front driveway and once again damaged my knee.
I have only been out of hospital 3 weeks after spending 3 months 2 weeks in hospital with a knee infection following a severe twist just getting out of the car. I’ve gone from a walking frame to crutches to walking stick to no aid and walking well until today. I now go straight on to antibiotics given me in case of the possibility of future damage and that is exactly what ‘s happened. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and I am disappointed that I can’t make it .
I should take this opportunity of congratulating you on the fantastic job you do with ARROWS, it is a great opportunity for the pioneers of the Australian Pop Music Industry to get together. It really is a meaningful cause. I am so pissed off that after all this time of my going to attend , this has happened. I even got a hair cut yesterday.
Thanks for the invite John , regards to all , say hi to Alan .
Warm Wishes. Kevin Jacobsen. OAM

Hi John and Lynne,
John as usual you keep on achieving and it was obvious today the appreciation from many. We look forward to catching up again soon
Take Care
Love to you both
Lynne and Keith Williams xx (DeeJays & Rebels)

MEMBERS WHO ATTENDED Alan Dale – John Charter – Lynne Fletcher – Bernadette Ramsay - Booka Hyland - Dave Allenby – Mike & Rosemarie Tseng – Ross Rignold (D-Men) - Ivan Petch – Graham Cotter(Ambassadors) – Reg Townsend – Ross Hutchison – Joy Savill – Mandy Sheridan – Margaret Britt - Keith Johnson – Keith Williams(DeeJays, Rebels) – Carol Murray – Pam Liversidge – Doug McLaughlin – Len Griffiths – Ron Martin – Milton Saunders – Wayne Cornell – Sammy Gaha – Don North – Sandra Erdman(Assoc & Photographer) – Lucky Starr – Shelly May – Brian Fogarty – Kerry Bryant – Rose Bandell – Kevin Todd – Bob McKinnon – Frank Crisafi – June Keep – Stan Wilson – Dave Williamson – Toni Stevens – Brian Morelli – Marijke Bakker – Don Sleishman – Ben Patis – Kevin Collins – Michael Parsons – Brian Kelly – Don Wright – Jim Barnes – David Jones – Kenny Kitching – Emma Hannah – Phillip Bross – Bruce Janson – Jimmy Shaw – Margaret Flanagan – Keith Drew – Sep Martin (Delltones) – Frankie Davidson – Irene St.John – Ross Linton – Vic Sims – Warren Williams - George Karren – Glenn Fisher -

Barry Newman – Dennis Mawson – Norm Bakker (Chantinos) – Paul Stevens (UK rocker) – Roy Cooper – Jack Hadfield (Casuals) - Frank Collimore (D-Men) - Dez Gibson – Lorraine Simpkin (Delaney) – Billy Gale – Alan Cantwell – Bill Wallace.

After leaving England in 1951, aged 21 Jack settled in Merrylands where he met his wife Lois. Played bass with the Frank Lee Quartet at the Three Swallows for a number of years. This was the “Teen Time Band” with Peter Mills, Don Rouse and Don Andres pupil Mike Ablett. Kenny Kitching was also involved. Worked Bankstown RSL with the Bruce Kerr outfit, Fivedock RSL and City of Sydney RSL. Vocalist Ron Tame had Jack contact Alan Dale, who was looking for a bass player for his new band“ The Casuals”, they played at Pagewood Rex Hotel from 1958. After a 5 year residency the Casuals moved on to the Wiley Park Rex and then the 12 o’clock licensed Ermington Hotel. Jack’s last Sydney gig was NYE 1983 before moving to Caloundra.

Rod left England in 1962, arriving in Australia on 11 January 1963. Along with his partner Jack, Rod became well known to club audiences as the aptly named “Rhythmaires”. Rod and Jack teamed up in 1950 and were an integral part of Sydney’s entertainment scene. Rod’s hilarious take on a woman retrieving her loosely fitting underwear was a highlight of their act. Rod says “as an act they have come from comparative obscurity to complete oblivion”.

After arriving in Australia Bill wrote and produced the Don Lane Show then the Joe Martin TV Show. The Dave Allenby tonight Show in Brisbane came next, followed by a move in 1973 to write and produce for Mike Walsh. This led to many trips to Hollywood for taped interviews and news items for both Mike and later Ray Martin. Writing for Derryn Hinch was another interesting part of Bills’ career. The Midday Show made Tracy Grimshaw and James Reine popular with their audience and Bill was there when Kerry Ann Kennerley stepped into the compere role. There’s no doubt Bill has earned his stripes as one of our leading Australian television producers.

A child of the sixties, when it comes to music, Paul mixed it with other Manchester groups fronting “The Javelins” and “The Emperors of Rhythm”. Paul shared the stage with “The Beatles”, “Searchers”, “Kinks”, “Hollies” and “Mindbenders” Paul recorded on Columbia with “The Banshees” and had a hit with “Yes Indeed” His next recording was “Two Kinds of Lovers” and he appeared on Juke Box Jury and Pete Murray’s Action Show with Paul Anka. Now domiciled here in Australia Paul is known as “the singer’s singer” and has a wide repertoire of songs from the 50’s to classic renditions of his by Michael Buble, Barry Manilow, Neil Sedaka and Bobby Darrin.

Fronting a band called “The Cyclones” at Arncliffe and Maroubra Roy had a residency at the Fitzroy Hotel at Windsor 1963. In 1964 the name changed to “The Banshees” they won a Bob Rogers Beatlemania contest, which led to Surf City, Beach House and Beatle Village. In 1965 the band became “The Denver Men”. Returning home to England Roy was offered drummer position with “Procall Harem” but declined to come back to Australia for work on the Miller’s circuit. In 1969 Roy won Channel 10’s New Faces and worked at the clubs as a Showband. 1972 was another return to England to tour with Lonnie Donegan then back to Australia to establish “Soundlab Studio” and continue working clubs under various Showband names. You would all be familiar with “Custers Last Stand”.

Started her singing career at the Brazil Night Club in Brisbane under her maiden name of Lorraine Simpkin. Was a regular on TVs Mike Walsh show, Reg Lindsay’s Homestead and the Ray Martin Show. Lorraine worked the club venues with an A list of entertainers that included JOK, The Platters, Frank Ifield, Frankie Davidson, Tom T Hall, Jimmy Little and Col Joye. These appearances led Lorraine being awarded Queensland Best Female Country Artist for two years

Alan found his niche in music by playing trumpet in the famous Melbourne comic’s touring Vaudeville show “Max Reddy’s Follies”. Continued by being part of the Sydney club circuit with many house bands. Joined the pit band for the successful production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In the late 60’s was part of Albert Meader’s big band at the new Eastern Suburbs Leagues Cub where Alan Dale was compere vocalist.

Dez, originally from New Zealand, released an album of his original compositions under the title “Nobody’s Perfect”. Recorded at Albert Studio, the session was produced by Tony Ansell. Dez is busy as a “one man band” playing to club audiences and at one time was half of the Bill and Boyd act with Bill Cate.

BILLY GALE – Guitar Vocalist

Born into a theatrical family Barry decided on a musical career when he attended a JOK concert at Newcastle Stadium in 1958. As president of the Newcastle and Hunter Jazz Club he ventured from a singing compere role to stage management, overseeing the yearly three day Newcastle Music Festival. As someone who cared for artists with the best sound production, accommodation and meals, Barry is certainly a welcome addition to our ranks.

From the age of 17 Dennis has had a varied career in show business. From his start at Stones at Coogee, the popular Ling Nam and the El Rocco. At 19 Dennis worked the Lido night club in Cooma during the building of the Snowy Mountains River Scheme. While at Newtown Leagues Club he told the Gibbs Brothers that “they could make it one day.” How right he was! Being lead singer with the “Charades” led to a residency at the Bronte Charles. Dennis then joined the “Ambassadors”, vocal harmony outfit, in the 1970’s and managed Ray McGeary’s Vigaron business for 25 years until Ray retired.

“The Chantinos” were made up of brothers John and Norm and along with sister Marijke were a vocal trio. Born in Holland they performed in the club scene in the late 1950’s and recording for RCA. They had a hit with the English version of the song “Dominique”. After Marijke left the group John and Norm continued as a duo until Norm became a solo performer with his “Solid Rock Salute to Elvis” cabaret production show which is still in demand today.

While at school in 1955 Frank learned drums and played rock’n’roll until 1957 when he made the change to guitar and formed “The Demons”, which later became, “The Deemen”. Signed to CBS records and appearing on Saturday Dance Date at WIN 4 Wollongong, Sing Sing Sing and JOK show at Channel 7. Frank joined “The Majestics” in 1967 working Sydney and Central Coast venues and entertained troops in Vietnam in 1969. Franks then became part of Roy cooper’s “Custers Last Stand” in 1970 appearing on Bandstand and the Mike Walsh Show to name a few. After freelancing as a solo act and working with various bands Frank retired in 2006.

Cheers John
John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966
on Monday 9th May 2016.
The club is only a short walk from the station.
Alan Dale

We'll see you at Ryde-Eastwood leagues club
9th May 2016

1: Woy Woy Leagues Club

2: Lynn Fletcher, Pam Leversidge
John Charter Margaret Flanagan
Dez Gibson, Keith Drew
Carol Murray

3: Kerry Bryant, Booka Hyland
Glenn Fisher

4: Ivan Petch, Milton Saunders
Joy Saville

5: David Jones, Bruce Janson
Rod Blair

6: Norm & Marijke Bakker
Lynn Fletcher

7:John Charter, Alan Cantwell
Des Gibson, Roy Cooper
Norm Bakker

8: Billy Gale & Roy Cooper

9: Frank Collimore, Bob McKinnon
Roy Cooper & Doug McLaughlin

10:June Keep, Rod Blair
Milton Saunders , David Jones

11: Emma Hannah

12: Vic Simms

13: Lucky Starr & Lynne Fletcher

14: Lorraine Delaney

15: Dennis Mawson & Doug McLaughlin

16:Jack Hadfield & Bernadette Ramsay

17: Emma Hannah & Rod Blair

18: George Karen, Brian Fogarty
Bill Wallace

19: Don North. Kenny Kitching, Lorraine Delaney, Emma Hannah

20: Bob McKinnon, Bruce Janson, Phillip Bros

21:Dave Allanby, Brian Morelli
John Charter, Dez Gibson

22: Lynne Flecther, John Charter
Margaret Britt, Don Sleishman
Mandy Sheridan

23: Rosemary Tseng, John Charter
Mike Tseng, Don Sleishman

24: Pam liversidge, Carol Murray
June Keep

25: Alan Cantwell, Alan Dale
Jack Hadfield, Kenny Kitching.

26: Alan Dale

27: Barry Newman

28: Roy Cooper

29: Jack Hadfield & Bernadette Ramsay

30: Rod Blair

31Dennis Mawson, Graham Cotter
Don Wright

32: David Jones, Mike & Rosemary Tseng, Ross Linton, Irene St John

33: Lynne Williams, John Charter
Milton Saunders, Keith Williams

34: Kevin Todd, Norm & Marijli Bakker, Brian Morelli

35: John Charter, Shelly May
Toni Stevens

36: Frank Collimore

37: Bill Wallace

38: Billy Gale

39: Lucky Starr

40: Carol Murray

41: Frankie Davidson, Reg Townsend
Brian Kelly

42: Norm & Marijke Bakker

43: Ross Linton with Mike!!

44: Alan Dale. Jim Barnes

45: David Kliby, Ross Dean
Ken Dean

46: Alan Cantwell

47: Franky Davidson

48: Paul Stevens

49: Ross Hutchison

50: Irene StJohn

51: Toni Stevens,

52: Sammy Gaha

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