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Woy Woy Leagues Club
Mon 13th March 2017
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Woy Woy Leagues Club
MONDAY 13th March 2017 from 11am
Lots of good comments from the tribe about Monday. A good roll up of 79 ARROWS. On the day before I had 90 members and 12 Virgins appearing that’s an amazing 102 but we lost 10 by Monday morning and another 14 on the day but picked up 1 (Billy Gibson) who forgot to confirm he was coming.
I would have liked to have seen Warren Lucas. The Delltones who were there, Bob Pierse from Katoomba, Sep Martin, Owen Booth and myself would have really enjoyed to catch up. Warren was also a part of the Ambassadors vocal group. All the other original Ambassador members were in attendance.
Two of the 3 surviving ‘original’ 4 Kinsmen Adrian Mahony and Spencer Whiteley took a bow and two of the three ‘Toppers’ vocal group were there, Ross Linton, Graham McGahan who was visiting from the USA where he now lives. Missing from that group is David McKay, the genius Record producer who lives in the UK.
Frankie Davidson OAM, gave us a good talk on his early professional life that started in Melbourne where he recorded arguably Australia’s first Rock and Roll record. Also Irene St.John filled us all in on the present state of Maria Venuti and Billy Gibson sang us a couple of pre-‘Irish Day’ songs.
More positive news is that of Judy Stone AM, turning up looking great but she got a call and had to leave early. Tony Brady made time out of his busy schedule to travel up and see us. Good to see were Tommy Rayburn, Dave Allenby, Shirley Simmons, Ivan Petch, Lucky Starr, Bill Flemming who came down from Port Macquarie, Margaret Flanagan, Carol Murray north of Newcastle, Big Pretzel and Laurie Kennedy, Don Sleishman down for somewhere near coffs,
While I was speaking after Alan Dale read out the Virgins, I made a point of introducing Janice Murphy as an associate member. I had asked her to represent her late husband, theatrical booking agent Mark Murphy from Wollongong who was a close friend of mine in the early 60s. (he booked me into my ‘first’ Club gig, Corrimal RSL.)
He would have been an ARROWS member but he lost his life on the ice-hockey rink in September 1969. While he was playing on the same side as his son Chris, he suffered a massive heart attack and didn’t survive. What I forgot to mention on the day was that Janice Murphy is the mother of Chris Murphy the manager/genius of the band INXS.
Kevin Jacobsen OAM, was trying to get there but he had a court appearance that morning and I guess he ran out of time. (but he did call), Ron Kitchin and Ronny Ransfield were coming down from the Gold Coast but didn’t make it, where Spencer Whiteley and virgin Kristy Laine did. Barry Stanton was on his way but apparently felt ill and turned around and went home.
I thought the PA was a little under par, it didn’t carry too far and was a bit muffled. We seem to having more sound problems as we grow bigger,
The intercity train trip home to Central was packed and there were 9 or 10 of us riding together. We couldn’t find any seats side by side although Lynne Fletcher and I found 2 right in the back corner but still pretty squeezie…(we liked that).Then my train from Central to East Hills was also packed out. Still better than driving……

Report from ALAN DALE
Rewarding to see such a wonderful crowd of Arrows (79) chatting to old and new friends. The Woy Woy venue has proved popular with members and allows those that live north of Sydney a chance to meet up.
Lots of musicians made up our gathering and the new members were made to feel comfortable. We welcomed Kristi Laine from the Carousels (Adelaide), Janice Murphy theatrical booking agent, Sammy Woods TV singer originally from Brisbane, Irishman Billy Gibson (first band formed in Ireland in 1959 called the Crescendos) and musicians Alan Ward trumpet, George Boyer & John Keating piano, Victor King, Ron Papps & Geoff Gould drummers.
Members of the vocal groups – The Toppers, Ambassadors and Delltones.
A big thankyou to those that made a long trip to be with us and it was nice to see Judy Stone AM, looking radiant. Need to look at the PA for our next meeting.

Hi John, Another great day thank you. Going by train gives extra time to talk to people in a relaxed atmosphere. "Thank you" also to Lynne for my beautiful cheesecake b'day slice much appreciated.
Love Vicki

Bob Pierse
G'day John,
Great day! Good to catch up with Spencer Whiteley and Kristi Laine who I hadn't seen for many years.

Don Sleishman
On the history of the Toppers and his gig at St.George Leagues Club.
Hi John, I was amazed when Alan Dale announced at the Woy Woy meeting last Monday that one of the Toppers was present who were part of the John Konrads show back in 1960 on channel 9! It was a wonderful reunion to see and catch up with him after all these years!
I had moved from Newcastle to work on that show! Warren Carr and Trevor Furner also were from Newcastle! Gil Matthews was a 12 year old drum solo prodigy from Melbourne! I did the backing in the later shows and recorded at EMI as the John Konrads Kadets! The single rated in the top 40s at the time. Balin Wire was on one side and American Patrol the other!
In a unique situation the weekly show was presented at St George Leagues Club the same year. It was so successful we were engaged by the club. Unfortunately the Toppers were under age and had to be replaced by local musos. The rest is history! The reason for all this is that I noticed when Alan announced the group personnel ! was not mentioned! I feel I would like just to be acknowledged for the record. I guess I would be still be in Newcastle if not for that break John!
Don Sleishman

From Peter O'Grady
Great John many thanks, it was a great day

Sandra Erdman photographer, The friendly club staff, the manager Michael, and CEO Steve Brinkley,
Alan Dale and my ‘Girl Friday’, Lynne Fletcher.
John Charter
John Charter
02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966

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John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Rd,
West Ryde NSW
Monday 8th May 2017 from 11:00am
Just a short walk from the railway station
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1. Shirley Simmons

2. Don North & Lynne Fletcher

3. Vicki Forrest

4. Victor King

5. Irene StJohn

6. Rosemarie & Mike Tseng
Carol Murray

7. Sammy Woods, Keith Johnson
Mandy Sheridan

8. Tom Rayburn, Ross Rignold,
Billy Gibson, Barry Newman
Col Smith

9. Ron Papps, Don Sleishman,
Alan & Milton Ward,

10. Shelley May, Alan Dale
Keith Drew

11. Trevor Norris & John Cross

12. Bill Wallace & Dave Allenby

13. Rose Bandell & Janice Murphy

14. Jim Barnes & Colin Duff

15. Judy Stone & Margaret Flanagan

16. Bernadette Ramsay, Booka
Vicki Forrest

17. Lynne Fletcher, John Charter
Grakam McGahan

18. Sammy Woods, Big Pretzel
Laurie Kennedy

19. John Newton, Norm Bakker
George Karren

20. Geoff Gould, Graham Cotter
Dennis Mawson

21. Frankie Davidson

22. John Charter

23. John Keating

24. Krisri Laine

25. George Boyer

26.Adrian Mahony, Spencer Whitely

27. Brian Fogarty & Ivan Petch

28. Leon Isackson, John Keating

29. Tony Brady & Norm Bakker

30. Ross Linton & Graham McGahan

31. John Keating, Roy Cooper
Rod Blair, Noel Clarke
Doug McLauchlin

32. Margaret Flanagan, Kewith Drew
Lucky Starr

33. Bob Pierse, Sep Martin
Owen Booth

34. Col Smith, Des Gibson
Rod Blair

35. Dennis Mawson, Noel Clarke
Doug McLauchlin

36. Phill Bros

37. Mike Nolan

38. Billy Gibson

39. Carol Murray

40. Alan Dale & Frankie Davidson

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