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Bankstown Sports Club
Mon 12th October 2015
Group Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman

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Bankstown Sports Club
MONDAY 12th October 2015 from 11am
Hi All
Another historic luncheon/meeting in the La Piazza Italian Forum.
A total attendance of 66 ARROWS including 4 Virgins were there to party on…..
We did a tribute to Nina Raye (see next email) for her brilliant career and a tremendous body of work and welcomed 4 new ARROWS to our tribe. See attachments above ……

Bosco Bosanac for his work with the 50s & 60s surfing band the Atlantics,
Di Heaton and her outstanding contribution to ‘The Dance’
Colin Duff and Tom Speros FM DJ’s who play our songs.
Tom says:
“I’m on 2BACR every Friday night and I only play music from the 50s & 60s. The best music.”

Big thanks again to Alan Dale for his usual professionalism, Reg Townsend for bringing his sound equipment, Sandra Erdman for the great pictures, Dave Burke for his stories and Gary’s help with supplying the venue. (La Piazza)

After we’d finished with the group photos and people were getting ready to leave, Col Joye came to me and asked me to grab a hold of Jimmy Parkinson for a sing-song. Col produced his ukulele and Jimmy obliged with a swinging version of Unchained Melody, Michael Parsons grabbed the mike and soon we had a bevy of singers ‘doing their thing’ Very enjoyable and a great ending to our day………

As the Echidnas club double booked their function date with our Bankstown Sports luncheon the result was we lost a few ARROWS also a good half dozen who came to our lunch left a little early to join up with the Echidnas cruise. Hope that doesn’t happen again!

Here’s a report from Alan Dale:
Another pleasant lunch with our dear friends from our industry. Trying to get around to exchange greetings can be challenging with so many having news to share (operations and illnesses included). Swapping memorabilia is another enlightening process with many moments to share. Once again Reg Townsend was liberal with his time by setting up his PA for us to utilise. The glass ceiling creates a sound hazard but, under the circumstances, a good outcome was reached. Without a pre Xmas function we can look forward to paying compliments of the season and New Year greetings at our January meeting at Club Cronulla (Bowling) on Monday 11th . Let's make it a big one!

If you go to my web site you can see the pictures taken for all of this year’s lunches.
Just click on this link...
Go to my home page with my picture showing, then up on the top right-hand corner click on ARROWS NEWS
And all the 2015 functions will appear click on each one to view.
Members who attended
John Charter – Alan Dale – Lynne Fletcher – Doug McLaughlin - Reg Townsend –George Karren – Brian Fogarty– Bernadette Ramsay – Dan McGonigal – Sandra Erdman – Jimmy Parkinson – Shirley Jackson – Denise Keene – Trevor Housley – Michael Parsons – Ivan Petch – Ross Hutchison – Di Georgeson – Stan Wilson – Vicki Forrest – Trevor Norris – Geoff Jones – Bill Flemming – Little Sammy – Vic Sims – Dick Woodleigh – Margaret Hooper – Ron Fabri – Ric Martin – Tricky Delano – Col Joye – Nina Raye – Larry Stellar – Pam Liversidge – Steve Sim – Ross Rignold – Mike & Rosemarie Tseng - Ken Dean – Ross Dean – Margaret Flanagan – Keith Drew – Dave Burke – Booka Hyland – Mary Schneider – Ron Martin – Ben Patis - Morrie Muller – Don Wright – Leon Isackson – Bruce Janson – Jim Barnes – Brian Kelly – Frank Ifield - Kenny Kitching – Emma Hannah - Eddy Gobbe - Angela Townsend – Glenn Fisher – Graham Cotter.
Bosco Bosanac (Atlantics)– Colin Duff FMDJ (Assoc) - Di Heaton, Choreographer – Tom Speros FMDJ (Assoc) –

66 attended (including 4 Virgins)
50 Apologies
Cancellations on the day: Noel Clarke, Rocky Thomas, Jacqui DePaul, Bob Pierse, Alan Townsend. (thanks to these people who took the time to call & let me know)

Cheers John

NEXT SYDNEY LUNCHEON WILL BE AT CLUB CRONULLA (BOWLING) ON MONDAY 11th JANUARY 2016……. The club is only a short walk from Cronulla station.


George Karren

Alan Dale

Nina Raye

Boaco Basanac

Tom Spiros

Colin Duff

Graham Webb

Dave Burke

Morrie Muller

Michael Parsons

Booka Hyland & Glenn Fisher

Mary Schneider-Feank Ifield
Jim Barnes

Graham Cotter & Larry Stellar

Mary Schneider-Shirley Jackson-Nona Raye

Alan Dale-Graham Webb-Colin Duff

Ross Hutchison & Kenny Kitching

Vicki Forrest - Trevor Norris
Glenn Fisher

Eddy Gobbe, Ross Rignold,
Bruce Janson, Bill Flemming

John Charter, Lynne Fletcher
Ross Hutchison

Brian Fogarty, Stan Wilson
Don Wright

Kenny Kitching & Emma Hannah

Vic Simms & Ben Patis

John Charter & Lynne Fletcher

Col Joye & Michael Parsons

Ron Martin, Mike Tseng
& Dan McGonigal

Frank Ifield & Kenny Kitching

Jimmy Parkinson & Leon Isackson

Alan Dale & John Charter

Tricky Delano, Ken Dean , Di Heaton

Geoff Jones & Brian Fagarty

Marg Hooper,Col Joye,Geo Karren
Graham Webb & Ross Hutchison

Leon Isackson & Graham Webb

Mary Schneider& Dick Woodleigh

Margaret Hooper & Col Joye

Alan Dale & Michael Parsons

Dave Burke & Jim Barnes

Jimmy Parkinson & Col Joye

Col Joye & Larry Stellar

Ric Martin,Ron Fabri,Denise Keene

Di Georgison & John Charter

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