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Bankstown Sports Club
Mon 12th September 2016
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Bankstown Sports Club
Monday 12th September 2016 from 11am
From the desk of John Charter
Hi all
Once again we had a rewarding and up-lifting luncheon at Bankstown Sports Club on Monday the 12th September 2016. We found seven Virgins who were introduced on the microphone by Alan Dale. Brian Morelli told us a lot about Channel Nine’s Bandstand and Leon Isackson gave us an insight into his near death experience.
Talking about the sound, I’m very unhappy that we can’t get it any better. The overall problem being the glass in the walls and ceiling and the hard stone floor of La Piazza. The sound just bounces around reflecting off the hard surfaces making it muddy and hard to understand. It may be possible to get some more speakers and scatter them around the area. We’ll give that a try next time we’re there in 2017. Below is the little speech I gave for all those who didn’t hear it.

All of us know that we are the survivors or the First Wave of Australian rock n’ roll and associated performers…..
There was a beginning for Australian Rock and Roll groups……
Most people imagine that Johnny O’Keefe and the Dee Jays were the first but not entirely true - as there was a group in Sydney that began three (3) months previous to them….
That date being 17th January 1957. And the group was ALAN DALE AND THE HOUSEROCKERS.
We’ve lost a few of the original members but the rest of us are still around - but there’s only 2 of us here today…..
The original band was Alan Dale (vocals) – Keith Sharratt (bass) - John Bolton (sax) and yours truly - John Charter piano. There’s one we still can’t find, the guitar player Bobby Broom….
Why I’m telling you all this is because next year - 2017 on 17th January it’ll be the 60th year since we, the Houserockers started our careers.
In 2007 we had a 50th year re-union and when it was decided to carry on we came up with the idea of expanding our horizons and welcoming all the other groups and it blossomed from there. This is when ARROWS were born….
So- in January next we’ll be celebrating 60 years Anniversary of the HOUSEROCKERS and 10 years anniversary of ARROWS.
So now this is our dilemma - how do we mark this auspicious occasion?????????.
We need some suggestions from you all ………………………….
As we don’t have any money to spend (unless someone would like to donate 50 grand & we’ll hire the Opera House…grin.) we have to find a free venue for our party
Our January lunch meetings have been held in the Shire where we originally had our reunion in 2007 at Sutherland United Services but we’ve outgrown many of the local shire clubs.
Our lunch at the Cronulla Bowling Club was January this year and a full house there would only hold 80 - 100 people
So if we’re expecting a big roll-up we’ll need a bigger venue. Ie. Cronulla Leagues ( train station nearby) Cronulla RSL (they didn’t seem too interested before) St.George Leagues, Tradies at Gymea or maybe even Revesby Workers. (though not exactly in the Shire)
Some suggestions for the big day would be to invite our wives, husbands & partners.
Another one is to invite the other groups, namely - ALVA, THE ECHIDNAS, THE DEBONAIRS, THE GALAHS ……
We could finish up with 300 people!!!!!!!!
If anybody has any thoughts please email/call me or Alan. We need to get on it soon……..
Cheers John.

72 attendees at Bankstown Sports made for a great get together. With new (old) faces joining our happy throng, those present were able to mix and chat to Colin Smith, Gill Falson, Milton Ward, Arthur Ross (and Arthur it was Harry Wren who paid your wages at the Haymarket Palladium), Jon Kirk, Chrissy Lockwood-Liles (who flew in from Port Vila to see Toni Stevens) and the unstoppable Maria Venuti who donated a personal gift to the venue in the way of a bra to be paired with Sophia Loren’s hanging from the washing line on the balcony. Alan Dale gave mention of our loss with the passing of Paul Flanagan and then Ken Sparkes. John Charter asked members to give some consideration to our 10th anniversary which coincides with the 60th mark of Australian rock'n'roll from January 1957 when the Houserockers, Dee Jays and Joy Boys arrived on the musical radar.

From Vikki Forrest and Trevor Norris
Hi John, Thank you for a very enjoyable day once again, as usual I didn't get to say "hello" to half the people I wanted to. Maybe next time.

From Joy Savill
I enjoyed yesterday, worth the 10 hours travelling to catch up with some old mates, even if I'm a weary old muso today.
Thanks a lot Joy,??

Mary Schneider writes……..
Hi John, Really enjoyed the day again today. Thanks for all you put into getting everyone together. It's always great to see our old friends again. I appreciate what you and Alan do to organise it.
Colin Smith, Gill Falson, Milton Ward, Arthur Ross, Jon Kirk & Chrissy Lockwood-Liles
John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
Last Meeting for the year will be at
Berleigh Waters, Gold Coast, Q'land
Monday 14th November 2016
11:00am - 2:00pm
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1:Phil Bros - Col Smith

2:Eddy Gobbe - Milton Ward

3:Ron Martin - Bosco Bosanac

4:Dennis, Mary, Graham, Francis, Billy, Jimmy, Shirley

5:Jimmy, Barry, Joy, Betty

6:Ken Dean - Don Wright

7:Lynne Fletcher - Maria Venuti

8:Margaret Flanagan, Keith Drew, Eddy Gabbe

9:Glenn Fisher, Vicki Forrest,
Milton Ward

10:Sue Kirby, Jon Kirk,
John Strange

11:Phil Bros - Bob Madden

12:Vicki Forrest, Trevor Norris,
Bernadette Ramsay

13:Michael Parsons, Bosco Bosanac

14:Maria Venuti, Brian Morelli

15:Arthur Ross, Peter Barnes

16:Don Wright, Stan Weson,
Ivan Petch

17:Milton Ward, Ivan Petch,
Stan Wilson

18:Ross & Ken Dean

19:Billy Gale, Emma Hannah

20:George Payne, Johnny Devlin,
Dave Goodger

21:Brian Foggarty, Geoff Jones,
George Karren

22:Dave Kilby, Bill Flemming,
Dan McGonigal

23:Noel Clarke, Joy Savil,
Betty Parker, Doug McLauchlin

24:Booka Hyland, Kerry Bryant

25:Alan Dale, Michael Parsons

26:Margaret Flanigan, Sue Kirby,
Keith Drew

27:Linton Tinkler, Brian Morelli

28:Joy Savill,Chrissy Lockwood-
Liles, ?, Toni Stevens

29:John Charter, Marie Venuti
Vic Simms, Leon Isackson

30:Jimmy Shaw. David & Ron Martin

31:Ken Kitchen, Emma Hannah

32:Bill Flemming, Gill Falson

33:Alan Dale

34:Are some sleeping?

35:Maria & Her Bra

36:Alan Dale

37:Chrissy Lockwoos-Liles

38:Gill Falsom

39:Arthur Ross

40:Jon Kirk

41:Bill Flemming, Gill Falsom

42:John Charter, Alan Dale

43:Jim Barnes,Reg Townsend
Bosco Bosanac

44:Maria Venuti, John Charter

45:Group Picture

46:Sandra Erdman, Noel Clarke, Phil Bros

47:John Chater

48:Gill Falsom, Margaret Flanigan,
Keith Drew


50.Col Smith - Bem Patis

51:Noel Clarke

52:Jimmy Shaw

53:Sandra Erdman

54:Ben Patis

55.Brian Morelli
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