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Caringbah Tradies Club
Mon 12th January 2015
Group Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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ARROWS Luncheon Caringbah Tradies Club
12th January 2015

A message from John Charter

Another great luncheon/meeting last Monday was had by all who attended.
After a marvellous total of 102 ARROWS who had signed on, we attracted an overall of 91 including 9 Virgins.
A fantastic result and a big thank you all for attending our January Shire lunch.

I must explain to all about the last minute change of venue.
The Bizzos that had been booked 2 months prior and after Ian Clifton and I spoke on numerous occasions with the chef and had agreed on the food, when we arrived at 10.30am that morning there was only 2 employees in the club and both knew nothing of our booking - oh oh!
We got the chef on the phone and he told us that we had booked it for the following Friday and there was NO WAY he could get there and supply us with food…….
Panic you say? This is the second year we’ve been stuffed around by the Bizzos.

Ian immediately set off to the Caringbah Tradies Club which was thankfully just around the corner while I called Rockdale RSL. Both clubs agreed to take us but we decided on the Tradies as it was closer and as it turned out an even better venue than the Bizzos. Ian stayed at the Bizzos front door and directed everybody to the Tradies. The only person to miss out was Frank McQuade who miss-read the sign that I had left on the club’s door and went to the Tradies at Gymea.

Unfortunately we couldn’t take a group photo at the end as the tables and chairs were too closely aligned with no place to move them to, the ceiling was also too low to stack us all up. There would have been other places in the club to work on but time beat us.

Only down side was the food. As they don’t have a kitchen the food had to be brought in from the main Tradies club in Gymea, but at such short notice they did a great job.
Virgins on the day:
Ruth Marks - group the Cherrytones from early Bandstand
Charlie Smith – Maori Premiers - great stories
Norma Shirlee - Saturday Date with Jimmy Hannan, Comedy Capers with Desmond Tester
Ron Fabri - got a standing ovation
Dave Burke Told a very funny story about his band in the UK and the Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts
Rick Martin - more great stories
Dave Williamson - drummer from NZ
Geoff Jones - lots of good stories
Bruce Fielding (eligibility to be considered)

Big thanks again to:
Alan Dale who told us about the original Houserockers from 1956
Ian Clifton, (who actually saved the day)
Sandra Erdman who took lots of photos.

On leaving the Tradies club I spoke with the manager regarding next year. He’s delightfully happy to have us again but the drawback is again ‘the
Food’. He explained that it has to be brought in from Gymea, I mean the price was OK but I’m not sure we were all happy with just sandwiches???
The price they wanted to charge us at the start was $18.00 for pies and sausage rolls which I immediately rejected, so we got sandwiches. So if we go back there next year it’ll be the same set-up.
There is a formal Asian restaurant upstairs but he tells me I’d have to guarantee at least 100 people to bring their staff in and it would be expensive as well.

So here is a cue for everyone - Give us some suggestions for a venue in the Shire for next year.
Keep in mind we need to be close to a train station, and be big enough to hold 100 people. Clubs we’ve ruled out are; Sutherland United Services at Sutherland Station – Too small
Club Central at Hurstville – Each Monday there’s bingo in the lounge.

But these venues could be worth investigating:
Tradies at Gymea - one block up hill walk from station
The pub at Como is a bit of a walk down hill from the station
Penshurst Rsl about 2 level blocks from the station
Please can you spare some time to give me your feedback as better is good

Cheers John
Pictures below by: Noel Clarke
Eddy Gobby & Di Georgeson
Barbara Rogers & Dave Burke
Trevor Horsley, Linton Tinkler
& Morrie Muller
Lonnie Lee, George Payne
& Ken Kitching
Reg Townsend, Ian Clifton
& Alan Townsend
Roland Storm, Toni Stevens
& Barbara Rogers
Mary Schnieder & Barbara Charter
Mike Kelly, Eddy Gobby, Norma Shellee, David Martin
& Roland Storm
Alan Townsend & John Charter
Shelly with Frankie Davidson
Leon Isakson & Alan Dale
Lonnie Lee, Morrie Muller
& Darby Wilson
Dave Burke
Brian Fagarty
Barbara Rogers & Reg Townsend
Lyn Fletcher
Dave Williamson
Carol Murray
Sandra Erdman
Bob Madden

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