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Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
Mon 9th May 2016
All Picture Taken by: Sandra Erdman
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Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
MONDAY 9th May 2016 from 11am
Hi All It is with great pleasure that I present to you this report, members comments and photos from our Ryde Eastwood Leagues meeting, Monday 9th May 2016 I was personally uplifted to see you all and especially the arrival of Kevin Jacobsen. I think it’s a great idea to feature somebody and let them tell you their ‘story’ Last March we heard Lucky Starr at Woy Woy Leagues and last meeting at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Jimmy Parkinson told us some great stories.
Our forty forth (44) ARROWS meeting went off without a hitch. Many thanks again to the club for allowing us to use our PA and make a special place for us in the bistro. Alan Dale did a fabulous job of comparing and introducing the Virgins. John Robson, Big Pretzel. Laurie Kennedy, Lew (Len) Clarke, Kevin Jacobsen, John Bakker and Owen Booth.
The roll-up was sixty (60) on the day with 80 apologies.
Next day I got a message from David Kilby, radio presenter from Canberra. He was on his way, driving up from Canberra to our meeting on Monday and his GPS got him hopelessly lost. He realised that he wasn’t going to get to us in time so turned around and drove straight back home.
Great to see Ray McGeary again also and Keith Williams who drove down from the Central Coast. Terry Kaff had a gig but still made it just after lunch. Virgin Lew (Les) Clarke who was playing with Booka Hyland’s band flew in from Queensland just to see us all. Lonnie Lee and Suzanne had to leave early as he had two radio interviews to do. One was with Ross Hutchison and while they were taping, Lonnie asked him why he wasn’t at the meeting as he’d seen his tag on the table. Rosco exclaimed “Shit! I forgot” and had to immediately edit the tape.
I was great to see Leon Isackson after he almost ‘fell off the perch’. His bout with Diverticulitis was touch and go his doctor told him. Just got to the hospital in the ‘nick’ of time.
Big thank you goes out to Sandra Erdman who again took some great pictures, Reg Townsend for bringing his PA system, Noel Clarke for his work up-loading this report and Sandra’s pictures onto my web site taken on the day.

Cheers John

Comments from Alan Dale
Another great gathering of friends at the Arrows lunch at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues club. Our virgins were well received with their entertainment bios
revealed to those present. Big Pretzel (Patricia Kennedy) was given a round of applause for her putting Adelaide on the map. A warm welcome was given to John Robson who made the long trip up from Warragul in Victoria,
Other guests included musicians Owen Booth, Laurie Kennedy and Lew Clark. The brother of Norm Bakker made his initial appearance. John was part of the Chantinos with Norm and sister Marijke. Kevin Jacobsen of Joy Boys fame reminisced on some of the lighter moments with that group. It was Kevin who instigated the very start of forming a get together of fellow musicians and artists from the 50's as far as twenty years ago.
A minutes silence was observed for the late Little Sammy (Gaha) after his entertainment history was broadcast to all who had loved a wonderful and talented character.
A big thank you to 2UE's Pete Graham who was quick to put footage and photos of our function on Facebook. More will be sent to all members soon as our official photographer Sandra has finished processing.

From Warwick Freeman (Original BANDSTAND Director)
John….The Monday May 9 dealing was excellent. It was wonderful to listen and look at so many many ‘friends’.. It made ME think of my 20 years old area….
Wonderful John….It was excellent..
My sincere thanks..

From Joy Savill
Monday at R/Eastwood was again a success and it was great for me to see my friend John Robson inducted - as Alan Dale said, John is an awesome guitarist and a credit to our profession. You may have noted that I stood to acknowledge Kevin Jacobsen as you signalled to acknowledge his contribution to our music scene, He seemed to be very emotional and I applaud Arrows for compassion to a family member.. "There but for the grace, etc'".

From Noel Clarke
My sincere thanks to John and Alan for bringing these ARROWS luncheons together it's a wonderful way to spend a few hours meeting up with people in the entertainment industry an industry I left many years ago due to family illness.
I missed the last two luncheons as I was over seas on one ocassion and ill for the last one but was real pleased to be back for Ryde-Eastwood.
These days I get my kicks out of looking after a number of websites one of which is the for John, so if you find mistakes don't blame John, blame me,
I look forward to the next Sydney lunch at Bankstown Sports Club

Next Sydney Meeting will be at Bankstown Sports in La Piazza and the two Gold Coast Meetings this year will be at Surfers Paradise Rsl on Wed 22nd June and at the Varsity Lakes Tavern at Burleigh Waters on Monday November 14th
Cheers John

MEMBERS WHO ATTENDED Alan Dale – John Charter – Lynne Fletcher – Bernadette Ramsay – Joy Saville – Booka Hyland – Larry Stellar – Trevor Housley – Noel Clarke – Tricky Delano – George Karren - Ron Atkins – Ivan Petch – Ray McGeary – Dennis Mawson – Graham Cotter - Dave Allenby – Barry Newman – Ross Hutchison – Kevin Jacobsen - Jimmy Parkinson – Shirley Jackson – Morrie Muller – Brian Fogarty – Rocky Thomas – Jacqui DePaul – Ron Martin – Len Griffiths – Doug McLaughlin – Dave Williamson – Billy Cowper – Fran Burden - Sandra Erdman – Don Wright – Phillip Bros – Dick Woodleigh – Margaret Hooper – Nina Raye – Ron Patrick – Jimmy Shaw – Reg Townsend – Ruth Marks – Linton Tinkler – Ken Dean – Leon Isackson -

John Robson – Big Pretzel - Laurie Kennedy – Les Clarke - Kevin Jacobsen -

Roy Cooper – Bob McKinnon – David Jones – Norma Shirley – Graham Webb – Pam Liversidge – Mike and Rosemarie Tseng – George Payne – Ron Polson – Vicki Forrest – Trevor Norris – Stan Wilson – Carol Murray – Bosco Bosanac -

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966
Surfers Paradise RSL Club CLUB,
on Wednesday 22nd June 2016.
11.00am - 2.00pm
Alan Dale

We'll see you at Ryde-Eastwood leagues club
9th May 2016

1:John Charter & Brian Morelli

2:Lynne Fletcher & Brian Morelli

3:Joy Saville & Barry Newman

4:Big Pretzell & Laurie Kennedy

5:Tricky Delano & Des Gibson

6:Alan Dale & Ron Patrick

7:John Charter, Larry Stellar
Ray McGeary

8:Des Gibson, Owen Booth
Mike Kelly

9:Billy Cowper, Fran Burden
Graham , Frank Collimore

10:Suzanne Rix, John Charter
Lynne Fletcher, Lonnie Lee

11:Ron Atkins

12:Trevor Housley

13:Noel Clarke

14:John Charter

15:Kevin Jacobson

16:Nina Raye & Shirley Jackson

17:Toni Stevens & Shelly May

18:George Karren & Alan Dale

19:Eddy Gobbe & Nina Raye

20:Warwick Freeman & Linton Tinkler



23:Lynne Fletcher & Ray McGeary



26:Alan Dale & Warwick Freeman

27:Owen Booth

28:Laurie Kennerdy

29:Big Pretzel

30:Jimmy Shaw


32:Morrie Muller, Lonnie Lee &
Pete Graham

33:Lew Clarke & Lynne Fletcher

34:Dennis Mawson & Lew Clarke

35:Toni Stevens & Big Pretzel

36:Laurie Kennedy & Shelly May

37:Noel Clarke, Paul Martell &
John Robson

38:Keith & Lynne Williams


40:Shelly May & Toni Stevens

41:George Karren

42:Lew Clarke

43:John Bakker

44:Jimmy Parkinson

45:Terry Kaff

46:Warwick Freeman, Ruth Marks & Kevin Jacobson

47:Pete Graham & Morrie Muller

48:John & Norm Bakker
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