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Club Cronulla
Mon 09th January 2017
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman

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Club Cronulla
MONDAY 09th January 2017 from 11am
ARROWS Report from our 60th anniversary luncheon…last Monday 9th January 2107
Hi All - Another great luncheon at Club Cronulla. The Venue is superb, so light and airy, good food, great service and staff so obliging. It’s very close to Cronulla Station, we can use our PA and they told us, “as loud as you like”…

Stats on the day
Members attended 79 (Expected attendance 112 - Last minute apologies 20 - Non appearances on day 9)
Virgins attended 5
Total on the day 84

I was informed by the management when I booked the venue last year that they could seat 120, but with 84 attending last Monday in the dining area, it would have been a stretch to fit another 36 in. Maybe they meant in the lounge as well…..Anyway all that aside the day went off perfectly. We welcomed 5 Virgins:- Peter Paki, Adrian Mahony (original 4 Kinsmen), Rod Dunbar (singer – actor), Morgan Kent (UK Rocker), Doug Scroope (singer actor).
We started our official part of the day with me introducing Alan Dale as The Godfather of Australian Rock n’ Roll, a title he fully deserves. Alan then spoke briefly and introduced our first guest speaker Kevin Jacobsen OAM. Kevin’s speech focused on the year 1957. He was articulate, honest and extremely humble, directing lots of admiration to Alan Dale and our sadly depleted Houserockers. The Three Bands that started their careers in 1957, Alan Dale & the Houserockers, Johnny O’Keefe and the Dee Jays and Col Joye and the Joy Boys were equally spoken about.
Alan Dale’s response was very interesting, speaking about his entrance to the business from 1952 onward. He also drew our attention to two new Australian Rock n’ Roll books he’s reading namely Australia Rocks and The Pioneers of Australian Rock n’ Roll…
Next speaker was ARROWS Associate Pete Graham. I had asked Pete to talk about his knowledge of the period from an outsiders view… (Pete wasn’t there in 57) Well he gave Kevin a fabulous build up reading out all the things he had been involved with over the past 60 years. We were all gob-smacked at Kevin’s depth of involvement in our music industry. So many memorable projects he had a hand in was seemingly endless…Pete finished his speech by telling Kevin:-
“It is a honour and a privilege to be in the same room as you”………..
I next made mention of the period prior to 1957 that there were some ARROWS that had had records released. Firstly I invited Mary Schneider OAM to talk about the Schneider Sisters (that’s Mary and her late sister Rita) to enlarge on their involvement. Mary revealed that in 1956 they were the very first Australian recording group to record a self-written Rock and Roll song “Washboard Rock and Roll”
In the absence of Frankie Davidson OAM (not well enough to appear) David Kilby, ARROWS associate and Radio performer, spoke on Frankie’s behalf, agreeing with me that Frankie’s record of “Rock a Beatin-Boogie” in 1956, 2 months prior to Mary’s, was arguably the first Australian R n R record, even though the backing band was a jazz band and the drums didn’t have a back-beat, Frankie’s rocking voice and phrasing had the right amount of grunt to herald the best rock n’ roll performance. David concurred that other contenders for first in OZ rock n’ roll record are Les Welch’s ‘Saturday night Fish Fry’, George Assange’s (AKA Vic Sabrino)’ Rock Around the Clock’ and Richard Gray and the 4 brothers ‘Ain’t that a Shame’ and ‘Maybelline’ were in there also.
Once again Alan and I would seriously like to thank our helpers: Lynne Fletcher as Girl Friday, Sandra Erdman as Photographer, Reg and Alan Townsend for Sound, Geoff Groth for numbering the group photo and Noel Clarke as our ARROWS Web Master.
Last to speak was another survivor from 1957 Lonnie Lee who paid homage to his start in the business.

Alan Dale Writes
Another great gathering of musicians and fellow entertainers at Cronulla for a double celebration. The Arrows are now 10 years of age and Alan Dale and the Houserockers have notched up a musical journey of 60 years.

While these two events were the focus of attention, it was rewarding to see others given due relevance such as Mary Schneider OAM having her place in history mentioned as the composer and artist of Australia's first rock'n’Roll record "Washboard Rock'n'Roll". Frankie Davidson OAM was also complimented on his effort with a big band rendition of "Rock-a-Beatin' Boogie". Music historian David Kilby verified these events in an entertaining manner.

Our special guest Kevin Jacobsen OAM was applauded for his insight into the beginnings of rock'n'roll with some funny anecdotes. 2UE's Pete Graham gave credit to Kevin and others present for their contribution to our industry especially Johnny Devlin MNZM and Lonnie Lee. Lonnie responded by quoting a newspaper article that summed up the hurdles we had to jump against severe opposition to our brand of music.

A warm welcome was extended to our newest recruits. Doug Scroope from the Colleagues, recording and television artist Rod Dunbar, English singer and former Womble Morgan Kent, popular NZ entertainer Peter Paki and Adrian Mahony from the original Kinsmen.

We are eager to see Mike Nolan's video footage. There were apologies from our members who couldn't make it including Graham Webb who was bitterly disappointed to have to cancel. To all those that did make the day I want to thank you all personally especially the many musicians that I have had the pleasure to work with over my 60 year tenure including John Charter who was there from the very start. And a special thanks to my brain for storing so many lyrics in an ever changing musical library. We are one big friendly family brought together by our mutual love of music. Let's continue on our journey with our next meeting at the popular Woy Woy Leagues Club.



Here below are some comments from ARROWS members…..
Kevin Jacobsen OAM writes:
Dear John,
What a good day and what a surprise. I had no idea that I was to be spoken about . Pete’s speech made me extremely proud particularly amongst our old Rockers, Musicians, and other members of Arrows .
I have always only ever considered myself a ordinary participant in the Australian Music Business , never forgetting where we came from and how we started, and the experiences of our struggles and delights.
Congratulations to you again John for the gigantic effort by you for all the members of Arrows.
We celebrated Alan’s 60th with those who know and respect him as an important artist in the Australian entertainment industry, and it goes without saying that he deserves to hold the mantle of Godfather of our Rock Biz. And it is appropriate that Arrows be the appropriate celebratory way to recognise the milestone.
It was a pleasure to be part of the day, thanks John and Alan.
Regards, Kevin.

Mary Schneider OAM writes
Top marks for another wonderful Arrows Day on Monday. It's always fabulous and it's lovely to meet our old friends again. It's great that you're keeping us all together. We all had the best Day.
Many thanks to you and Alan

Brian Morelli Bandstand Director writes:
What a great day. Many thanks.

Glenn Fisher AM writes
Hello John,
Many thanks for organising another wonderful luncheon.
I mentioned to Lynne about Johnny Devlin MNZN - in 2008 he was inducted into the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for services to entertainment.

Pete Graham Radio Personality writes:
Hi John, Just a short note to thank you and everyone involved for yesterday !!.
I did a 20sec video and posted it to my face book site, As of 7am this morning (Tuesday) it’s been viewed by 790 people.
It’s an honour and a privilege to be allowed to attend your group.
Warm regards

From Vicki Forrest
Hi John, Another great day thank you.! Was shocked to hear of the passing of Johnny Dick. When did that happen? He was the drummer with the AZTECS (second wave) when I toured with them for 2 years. Very nice guy. Also was great to catch up with Rod Dunbar whom I haven't seen since "Sing Sing Sing" Looking forward to next extravaganza!
Love Vicki

From Ruth Marks,
Hi John
Thank you very much for the lovely day on Monday and all the effort you put into the Arrows Days
And what a good job you do. - It is always so nice to catch up with everyone.

From Bill Cowper and Fran Burden
We love the Cronulla venue, nice and bright, our pork lunch was great. Once again nice to catch up old friends. Congrats to Alan Dale on 60 years and you John with 10 years of the Arrows.
Billy and Fran.

Shirley Jackson and Jimmy Parkinson.
Jimmy and I both enjoyed the day and once again congratulate John and Alan for a well organised celebration. Remarkable Anniversary.

From Bill Flemming
Nice idea and thanks again. My comment:
Almost impossible to believe that it’s approaching 60 years of playing, singing or dancing for most ARROWS but it is a privilege to be able to celebrate with people who were there and to cherish those memories.

From Rod Dunbar:
G'day John
Thank you for the Arrows afternoon. It was at once exciting & frightening! Seeing faces I hadn't seen for 40 - 50 years was a bit confusing and I spent the afternoon reading name tags! (A necessary & thankful innovation).
Doug (Scroope) and I talked about whether to come or not, then our girls talked us in to it and I’m glad we came.
Luckily the biog I wrote was short, because when I sat down the forehead was quite moist! Isn't it funny that the stage is the most comfortable place to be but in that situation a bit self-conscious, silly really.
Some faces came easily: Lynne Fletcher is still the pretty little thing she was and still is. Margaret Flanagan, Doug De Koro etc. and finally Vicki Forest. A great afternoon & thank you.
Cheers Rod

From Noel Clarke
The ARROWS have grown into a marvellous group over the 10 years. The attendance is also a wonderful achievement continually seeing at the low end 50 up to around 90+ people from the entertainment industry prior to 1963. I feel very honoured to count myself as an ARROW's member.
Bless you guys John Charter and Alan Dale (The Houserockers) for starting it all rolling way back when....
The day at Cronulla was again excellent.
Cheers Noel
ARROWS Web-Master


John Charter
02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966

Woy Woy Leagues Club
82 Blackwall Road,
Woy Woy
Monday 13th March 2017 from 11:00am
Just a short walk from the railway station
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1. Glenn Fisher, Bernie Ramsay

2. George Payne & Margaret Britt

3. Lorraine Delaney, Charlie Smith
Ruth Marks

4. Adrian Mahony, Rod Dunbar
Doug Scoope

5. Kevin Todd, Milton Ward
Bill Wallace

6. Pete Graham, Jade Hurley,
Lynne Fletcher, Keith Williams
Linton Tinkler

7. Rod Dunbar, Margaret Flanagan

8. Roy Cooper, Bob Pearse,
Ross Linton

9. Billy Cowper, Fran Burden

10. Lynne Fletcher, Paul Stevens,
Angie Townsend

11. Denise Keene

12. Doug Scoope

13. Morgan Kent

14. Adrian Mahony

15. Rod Dunbar

16. Ross Rignold, Peter O'Grady
Bosco Bosanac

17. Roy Cooper, Milton Ward

18. Reg Townsend

19. Rod Dunbar, Doug Scoope
Ross Linton, Ron Atkins

20. Lorraine Delaney, Leon Isackson
Booka Hyland

21. Doug McLaughlin, Paul Stevens
Noel Clarke

22. Bosco Bosanac, Margaret Britt
George Payne, Bob Madden

23. Rosemarie & Mike Tseng, Margaret Flanagan

24. David Kilby, John Newton
Mike Kelly, Dave Williamson
Bob Madden (Standing)

25. Lonnie Lee, George Karren
Suzanne Rix

26. Alan Dale, Peter Paki
John Charter (Background)

27. Kevin Jacobson OAM

28. Pete Graham

29. Mary Schneider OAM

30. Lonnie Lee

31. Di Georgeson, Dennis Mawson
Mary Schneider OAM

34. Lynne Fletcher, Trevor Furner

33. Ruth Marks,
Kevin Jacobsen. OAM

34. Keith Williams, Limton Tinkler
Doug McLaughlin, Mike Tseng

35. Ruth Marks, Doug DeKroo
Bosco Bosanac, Lorraine Delaney

36. Kevin Jacobsen OAM
John Charter

37. Ron Martin, Peter Schultz
Mike Tseng

38. George Karren, Geoff Jones

39. Adrian Mahony, Bob Pierse

40. Leon Isackson, Ron Martin

41. Mary Schneider, Will Alison

42. Billy Cowper, Fran Burden
Dennis Mawson

43. Nina Raye, Di Georgeson

44. Mary Schneider, Nina Raye
Di Georgeson, Shirley Jackson

45. Trevor Furner (front)
Doug McLaughlin, Kevin Jacobson

46. David Kilby

47. John Charter

48. Peter Paki

49a. Alan Dale, Noel Clarke, Col Smith, John Charter

49. Morrie Muller, Lonnie Lee
Bruce Jansen, Suzanne Rix

50. Glenn Fisher, Vicki Forrest

51. Peter O'Grady, Peter Schultz
Mike Kelly, Dave Williamson

52. Jade Hurley, Pete Graham
Brian Morelli, Bill Walace

53. Nina Raye, Shirley Jackson
Carol Murray Jimmy Parkinson
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