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Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
Mon 8th May 2017
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman
No Group Picture this month
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Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
MONDAY 8th May 2017 from 11am
Hi all
    A good roll up on Monday where 74 attended and we welcomed more festivities….Monday was ARROWS 50th Lunch meeting that was 10 years in the making. Yes Alan, I and the Houserockers had our very first reunion on the 7th February 2007. (The actual date we were celebrating was January 17th 1957) which was the 50th year of Alan Dale and The Houserocker’s beginnings and where ARROWS was born…………….

Da Dah! Here we are: 5 Original Wankers….

    Alan Dale, vocals - George Heggarty, sax – me John Charter, Piano - Keith Sharratt, Double Bass - and
   John Bolton, sax. We still haven’t found Guitarist Bobby Broom and we found drummer Donny Prouse, had
   died 10 years earlier.

    I did a quick report on Dave Bridge who is back in hospital and is at least feeling no pain at this stage, and then announced……….…..

    “The ‘Gut Foundation’ is a registered charity that has successfully produced an annual concert to raise funds for research into cancers associated with the stomach. When Digby Richards died of pancreatic cancer in 1983 the concerts were named in his memory.
Now that we have reached the milestone 60 years of Australian Rock’n’Roll it is proposed that, in association with ARROWS we organise an anniversary production. With our dear friend Dave Bridge now suffering from stomach cancer it is imperative that we give ‘due consideration to this worthy cause’ ”.

“The Digby Richards and Johnny O’Keefe Memorial Concert”.

Will be held Saturday 7th October at the Arena Club (ex Greyhound Club @ Rookwood Rd Yagoona)

Tony Brady, Kevin Todd, Roland Storm, Johnny Devlin, Vicky Forrest, Booka Hyland, Williams Bros with Darren Williams, Adam and the Living Dolls (Ian B. MacLeod), Alan Dale – Compare Maggie Britton, Lynne Fletcher, Denise Keene, Ross Hutchison, and Doug Richards celebrating the music of his brother Digby.
Comedy relief from Echidnas Kenny Graham and Rex Allison. Music performed by John Charter and the (Johnny Rebb’s) Rebels Band. Additional musicians Mike Nolan, Don Sleishman and Lawrie Barclay from Ray Brown’s Whispers. Vintage video footage by Trevor Norris.

All proceeds go to the ‘Gut Foundation’ through patron Professor ‘Terry Bolin’.

    Alan then introduced our current Virgins and then asked if anybody had any information on ‘left’-handed guitarist ‘Kevin Norton’. Kevin died quite a long way back but we were interested in the cause and date of his demise… If anybody knows please contact me…
    Another item was then discussed, namely an idea that came from the Echidnas last meeting. We spoke about the ‘Echidnas sister group’ the Queensland ‘Side Splitters’ were going through a hard time with low numbers attending meetings. The suggestion was that we (the Echidnas) all get on the train and get ourselves up to their Gold Coast meeting to support our ‘colleagues’..
I then had a light bulb flash and thought what about ARROWS joining in. Toni Stevens then suggested if we can get numbers she could then go to an airline and maybe get us a deal.
    Alan and I have organized with Catfish Purser and the Side Splitters to hold their lunch meeting the day after the November ‘ARROWS Gold Coast’ lunch. The lunch dates in mind are Monday, November 13th ARROWS and Tuesday, November 14th for the Side Splitters. Plus what a great time to visit the Gold Coast before their holiday season kicks in…. More to come so Watch this Space!…..
    If anybody is interested please let me know…….’
Big Thanks again go out to Alan Dale, Alan Townsend who provided the PA, Noel Clarke webpage, Sandra Erdman photographer and to you all who attended….

John Charter – Alan Dale - Lynne Fletcher – Bernadette Ramsay – Phillip Bross (The Vulcans) – Ivan Petch – Ken Jeacle – Jimmy Parkinson – Shirley Jackson – Noel Clarke – George Karren – Brian Fogarty - Sandra Erdman – Bill Cowper – Fran Burden – Joy Savill - Colin Duff (FM Radio) - Bill Wallace (TV producer) - Dennis Mawson – Graham Cotter (Ambassadors vocal group) – Ray McGeary - Tricky Delano – Ruth Marks - David Kilby (ABC Radio presenter) – Linton Tinkler – Booka Hyland - Paul Stevens(UK Rocker) – Brian Morelli (Bandstand director) – Ross Hutchison – Toni Stevens – Mike Tseng – Rosemarie Tseng – Ken Dean – Shelley May – Peter O’Grady – Len Griffiths – Ben Patis – Keith Williams – Milton Saunders – Ron Papps – Jimmy Shaw – Bob Madden – John Newton – Ross Dean – Ron Patrick – Jim Barnes – Eddy Gobbe – Charlie Smith – Ross Rignold – Irene St.John –Kerry Bryant – Kevin Todd – Mary Schneider – Larry Stellar – Nina Raye – Alan Townsend – Col Smith – Geoff Gould – Roland Storm – Norm Bakker – Marijke Bakker - Leon Isackson – Billy Gale – Wayne Cornell – Vic Simms – Reg Townsend – Gus Merzi – Olive Johnson – Stephen Sim - Col Joye – George Boyer – Virgins, Dave Lee – Barbara Wafforn………

Report from ALAN DALE
    Another warm gathering of Arrows at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues. Introduced two new members. Barbara Wafforn had a very interesting story to relate including working with Jack Argent at Leeds Music and Tony Brady at Belinda. As the secretary and publicity person to the famous 11-10 men, Barbara had lots to keep her occupied since coming to Australia in 1963.
    Dave Lee was our other welcome guest with a long history of working as a musician and disc jockey from his start with the “Reasons” at the Railway Hotel at Liverpool to his cruises with the Fairstar and Fairsky. Resident at Campbelltown Catholic Club for 10 years and organising Australia Day events for the Sydney Harbour Trust from 1980 till 2007, Dave led a very busy life in the music business.
    We were looking forward to meeting Wayne Thomas who also had a most interesting musical background from his start with the “Boomerangs” in 1961. Unfortunately Wayne could not make our meeting so we’ll hold his details over for our next at Bankstown Sports.
    News of our 60th anniversary live concert on 7th October at the Arena Club gave ARROWS something to put into their diaries for attending in the near future.

Hey John,
Had a lovely day at the Arrows on Monday. Another good one...Thanks to you and Alan. David Kilby spoke to me and asked me to go on a bus trip to Canberra to have a look at the suburb of Moncrieff in Canberra where there is a street named after Rita called Schneider Lane. There are many more street names there such as Tommy Tycho St and Jimmy Little St etc.
Thanks Love.
Mary xxx

Hi John & Alan
Another great day this time at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues. A good turn-up and I must say I was privledged to enjoy a couple of drinks and a good chat with George Boyer.
I struggled a bit, not feeling too good as we went to lunch but was able to get through it. I picked a table on my own as I would've been lousy company for anyone at that time.
Looking forward to Bankstown and the possibility of having Maria Vanuti with us provided she is well enough.
Kind regards

Joy McKean
Dear John
I have to apologise for my non-arrival yesterday.
Heather had another episode shortly after I was speaking with you and I was too upset to drive over and socialise, sorry.
She is OK again, but has had two episodes of internal bleeding that they are endeavouring to control.
I hope all went well, and all those celebrating 50 and 60 year anniversaries in our industry had a great time.
Best wishes,

Barbara Waffornt
Hi john
Thank you for a great day. So good to meet you. Can't wait til next get together. I am so fond of Lynne. And now of you. Spent trip home with Joy Savill, what a treat.

John Charter
02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966
Click for Email Click for Website
Varsity Lakes Tavern
Bermuda Street Burleigh Waters
Monday 5th June 2017 from 11am
Where we continue the celebration of 60yrs of RnR and 10yrs of ARROWS
John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
Bankstown Sports Club
8 Greenfield Parade,
Bankstown NSW
Monday 11th September 2017 from 11:00am
Just a short walk from the railway station
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1. Alan Dale

2. Barbara Wafforn

3. Bob Madden

4. Charlie Smith

5. Col Joye

6.Alan Dale, John Charter, John Newton

7.Alan Dale, Kevin Todd, John Newton

8.Ben Patis, Len Griffith, Peter O'Grady

9.Charlie Smith, Roland Storm,
Tricky Delano

10.Dave Lee, Billy Gale

11.Col Joye, Dave Lee, Ivan Petch

12.Col Joye, Vic Simms

13.George Boyer, Lynne Fletcher,
Alan Townsend

14.Gus Merzi, Ruth Marks, Larry Steller

15.Irene St John, Olive Johnson,
John Charter

16.Cole Joye, Vic Simms

17.Dave Lee

18.Dennis Mawson, Ivan Petch

19.Guz Merzi

20.Irene St John

21. John Charter, Ken Jeacle

22. Joy Savill, Paul Stevens

23.Larry Steller, John Charter, Gus Merzi

24. Len Griffith, Lynne Fletcher,
John Chater

25.Linton Tinkler, Keith & Lynne Williams, Joy Savill

26.Lynne Fletcher, Barbara Wafforn

27.Marijke & Norm Bakker

28.Graham Cotter, Billy Cowper, Fran Burden

29.Mary Schneider, Ray McGeary,
Ivan Petch

30.Mike Tseng, Dave Lee

31.Lynne Fletcher, Stephen Sim

32. Marijke Bakker, Brial Morelli

33. Roland Storm

34.Ruth Marks

35. Ron Papps

36.Lynne Fletcher, Bernadette Ramsay

37.John Charter, Norm Bakker

38.Noel Clarke, Dennis Mawson,
Larry Steller

39.Norm & Marijke Bakker, Brian Morelli

40.Mike Tseng, Booka, John Charter, Leon Isackson, George Boyer,
George Karren, Brian Fogarty

41.Noel Clarke , John Charter

42.Peter O'Grady, Lynne Fletcher

43.Phill Bross, Colin Duff
Jim Barnes, Col Smith

44.Reg Townsend, Paul Stevens
Ken Jeacle

45.Ross Hutchison, George Kerran

46.Shelley May, Mary Schneider,
Ron Patrick

47.Ruth Marks, Bill Wallace

48.Shirley Jackson, Dennis Mawson
Nina Raye

49.Shelley May, Mary Schneider,
Toni Stevens

50.Shirley Jackson, Nina Raye
Jimmy Parkinson, Gus Merzi

All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman
Copyright (c) ARROWS 2007-2017 All TradeMarks & Logos belong to their respective Owners.