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John Charter, award winning Australian musician/entertainer born in Sydney Australia on April 4th 1939.

This album, a collection of covers, is solely intended to document the musical turning points and influences of my 64+ year professional playing career and leave a legacy to my family, friends & associates.

This is a truly solo album in it's entirety, recorded in my home studio. (Action Studios). I wrote the musical arrangements then over-dubbed (1 at a time) all the brass, keyboards, percussion live at Skylab Studios Sydney, and then finally did the mixing and production.

When I'm in my studio I'm the kind of person who needs time to do all the programming, create all the sounds and do the orchestration. I know it's going to be an intense process. It's not just doing a few tracks, it's a whole lot of tweaking which takes a long time.

Choosing the songs was an agonizing experience as what to leave out and what to include, and to what had the most influence on my life-journey. I'll probably say to myself at a later date, "why didn't I include that one?"

One of my close friends from the fifties, drummer Johnny Burns and I would constantly ask ourselves the deep and meaningful question, " Who knows where the road will lead us?" This lyric is taken from the 1957 Frank Sinatra song,  'All the Way' and the following line in the song is..... 'Only a fool would say'.
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